Dönergy Turkish Kebab – Turkish Restaurant in Singapore

Dönergy Turkish Kebab, a popular Turkish restaurant in Singapore, is located within Millenia Walk mall (9 Raffles Boulevard).

Open to customers since 2016, the restaurant has a delicious menu of authentic delicacies from Turkish cuisine.

Each morning at the outlet begins with stuffing the meat on a vertical rotisserie and letting it grill slowly while rotating – thus the name ‘doner‘, translating as ‘rotating‘ from Turkish.

Dönergy Turkish Kebab - Turkish Restaurant in Singapore - Millenia Walk.

Salads that are served with the kebabs are chopped freshly every morning, and dough used in the preparation of pides and pitas is baked on the spot.

From the menu, you can choose, for example, kebab meals, pides (stone oven made flat bread baked with toppings), lahmacun (also known as Turkish pizza), vegetarian dishes such as falafel & cheese pide, as well as desserts & coffee / tea.

Chicken Kebab Tombik - Turkish Restaurant in Singapore - Dönergy Turkish Kebab.

Chicken Kebab Tombik.

Main categories on the menu, meanwhile, are Kebab Rolls, Kebab Tombik, Kebab Rice, Kebab Salads, Kebab With Fries, Iskender Kebab, Pide / Lahmajun, Vegetarian Options, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks.

Menu highlights and popular choices include, for example, Beef Iskender Kebab (beef kebab, grilled pieces of pita bread, tomato, pickles, special tomato sauce), Chicken Kebab with Fries (chicken kebab, french fries, tomato, onion, lettuce, red cabbage, pickles, garlic-yogurt sauce, chili-sauce)…

Beef Iskender Kebab - Dönergy Turkish Kebab.

Beef Iskender Kebab.

Falafel Roll (falafel, tomato, onion, lettuce, red cabbage, pickles, wrap, garlic-yogurt sauce, chili-sauce), and Sutlach (Rice Pudding).

In addition to going to the Turkish restaurant in person, you can also order the meals delivered to your home / office via the official website.

Dönergy Turkish Kebab Millenia Walk – Turkish Restaurant in Singapore
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-91B, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 11am-9pm, Wednesday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-9pm

To learn more about Dönergy Turkish Kebab Turkish restaurant in Singapore, you can follow their official Facebook page at facebook.com/donergysg/.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to the menu items, promotional offers, events, and more.