Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore (CLOSED)

There is one outlet available for the Thai tea & drinks brand Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore, located within Change Alley Mall (30 Raffles Place). (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

Established in 2016 in Indonesia, the company serves authentic Thai drinks, especially Thai tea & coffee, freshly brewed and hand crafted using only the finest quality ingredients from various regions of Thailand.

The company, with a name that has been derived from the word “dúm“, meaning “drink” in Thai language, has today more than 400 outlets across four countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore.

Visiting the Thai tea house & coffee place outlet, you can choose from a range that includes classic Thai drinks such as Thai Milk Tea, Thai Coffee, and Thai Green Tea, as well as contemporary ones like Thai Tea Latte and Palm Sugar Caffè Latte.

Honey Lime Green Tea - Dum Dum Thai Drinks.

Honey Lime Green Tea.

Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore – Change Alley Mall (UPDATE 2023: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)
30 Raffles Place, #B1-22, Change Alley Mall
Singapore 048622

The official Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore Facebook page is located at facebook.com/dumdumthaidrinks.sg/.

You can also follow the official Instagram account, which in turn is available at instagram.com/dumdumthaidrinks/.