Eat At Seven – Japanese Food Court in Singapore

Eat At Seven, a popular Japanese Food Court in Singapore, is located within Suntec City shopping centre (3 Temasek Boulevard).

The food court, which has been open since 2015, brings together seven different & exciting Japanese dining concepts to choose from under one roof.

Of the concepts, Katsudon Hanakatsu (#03-331), is a pork and chicken katsu-don restaurant, offering set meals at affordable prices. The meals are cooked with a water fryer to perfection, with the katsu finished with aonori as well as shichimi spices.

Tendon Kohaku (#03-311), meanwhile, is a tendon concept place, where each tempura features an exquisite exterior, as it is delicately fried in a blend of sesame oil and cooking oil.

Tokyo Sundubu - Eat At Seven.

Tokyo Sundubu (#03-312), on the other hand, is a Singapore outlet for the most popular sundubu chain in Japan. Menu at the restaurant includes bowls of collagen-rich sundubu – a type of Korean stew with a range of silky-soft tofu.

Una Una (#03-315), a top unagi restaurant, is known for their charcoal grill unagi dishes, where the freshwater eel is grilled over hot charcoal resulting in a delightful crispy exterior and soft and tender interior with a fragrant & smoky aroma.

Maguro Donya (#03-314) offers the freshest maguro & sashimi, with the customer favorite item on the menu being Misaki-Megumi Lunch Set Trio.

Part of the food court is also Tsuruhashi Fugetsu (#03-316), Osaka’s number one okonomiyaki restaurant, which has become a household name among gourmands from all over the world. At the outlet, you can also enjoy from soft, fluffy Japanese pancakes.

Menya Kokoro - Eat At Seven.

Finally, you can also dine at Menya Kokoro (#03-313), the Singapore flagship location for Japan’s largest maze-soba (‘mixed noodles’) restaurant chain.

Eat At Seven Suntec City – Japanese Food Court in Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-311 to 316 & 331, North Wing, Suntec City
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10:30pm

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