Eco Alfresco Cafe – Al Fresco Restaurant in Singapore

Eco Alfresco Cafe, a good al fresco restaurant in Singapore, is located within Sentosa Island’s Siloso Beach Resort, at 51 Imbiah Walk.

Siloso Beach Resort is a certified eco-hotel at the beachfront on the beautiful island of Sentosa, and its environmentally-sound approach includes the alfresco dining restaurant.

Every ingredient used in the Singaporean cuisine & Western fare menu is chosen to reduce carbon footprints, including purchasing primarily from local sources first and when unavailable, from the next nearest source possible including countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Eco Alfresco Cafe - Al Fresco Restaurant in Singapore - Siloso Beach Resort.

Additionally, food that contributes to biodiversity loss is avoided, which is why endangered species are not served and sustainable palm oil is used in cooking.

The restaurant has its own garden, from where homegrown herbs from mints, lemongrass to basil and many more varieties of spices, are used in the food preparation.

As for the restaurant‘s atmosphere, you’ll be enjoying the meals – from grilled fish dishes to all time favourites like Fish & Chips – under the canopy of trees, being nearly one with the nature, with the beautiful beach situated only a few steps away.

Eco Alfresco Cafe – Al Fresco Restaurant in Singapore
51 Imbiah Walk, Siloso Beach Resort
Singapore 099538
Opening Hours: 7:30am-10:30am (Breakfast), 10:30am-10:30pm

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