EKOHOME – Linen Shop in Singapore

EKOHOME, a good home bedding & linen shop in Singapore, has a flagship store at Bukit Panjang Plaza (1 Jelebu Road).

Visiting the shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza, you can purchase various types of furnishing for the bedroom, including bedding, textile products, linen, mattresses and more.

The main range of home bedding & linen products also includes quilt covers, comforters, blankets, mattress protectors, pillows, bolsters, quilts, mattress toppers, towels, etc.

Fitted Sheet Set in Singapore - EKOHOME - Linen Shop in Singapore.

Among the available home furnishing brands are Ueno, Baron & Tulle, Clarie de Solene, Eko Home, as well as Domus.

EKOHOME - Linen Shop in Singapore.

EKOHOME Bukit Panjang Plaza – Linen Shop in Singapore
1 Jelebu Rd, #03-17, Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm

The official Facebook brand page for linen shop in Singapore is located at facebook.com/helloekohome/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll learn details about the company’s range of products, their events, promotional offers, plus more.