Enjoué Bakery – Artisan Bakery in Singapore

Enjoué Bakery, a good artisan bakery in Singapore, operates within Acer Building (29 International Business Park Road).

Established in 2016, the outlet – a boulangerie, pâtisserie, and cafe – specialises in pastries, cakes, sandwiches, artisanal European breads.

The breads are made from a natural fermentation technique employing the use of levain, an aged sourdough starter, with no yeast being used in any of the rustic breads.

Enjoué Bakery - Artisan Bakery in Singapore.

Using natural sourdough starter, the bakery’s breads feature a distinctive aroma and subtle sour tinge, plus they are healthier and easier to digest for your body.

Furthermore, you’ll discover that the breads also have irregular air pockets – these pockets (a signature in all artisan breads), unlike the usual yeast/sugar leaven ones, gives the breads a unique appearance as well as extra spaces for sandwich fillings.

Milk & Honey Bread - Enjoué Bakery.

Milk & Honey Bread Loaves.

Pastries (viennoiseries) at the shop, meanwhile, are hand rolled daily, where the preparation only utilises French sheet butter, which has a higher butter content, bringing delicious flakiness and texture to the viennoiseries, plus unrefined sugars.

Including their range of cakes & tarts, the products are all baked from scratch without the use of emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, or artificial food colourings (instead, the bakery uses colourings derived from fruits and/or plants).

Croissants in Singapore - Enjoué Bakery - Artisan Bakery in Singapore.

Duo-coloured Croissants.

Visiting the store, there is also a selection of gourmet sandwiches with housemade fillings – grilled Mediterranean vegetables, chicken pesto, tuna niçoise, pulled beef, etc.

In addition to going to the bakery shop in person, you can also order the delicacies for delivery to your home / office via the official website.

As an artisan bakery, the company bakes only upon your order in the mornings, so that the delivery should reach you between 2pm to 6pm (deliveries are for weekdays only).

Delivery is available for most parts of mainland Singapore, except Tuas & Senoko areas as well as Sentosa island.

Enjoué Bakery – Artisan Bakery in Singapore
29 International Business Park Road, #01-02A/02B, Acer Building
Singapore 609923
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

As a popular artisan bakery in Singapore, Enjoué Bakery communicates with their customer base using social media, such as Facebook at facebook.com/enjouebakery/.

There is also an official Instagram page available at instagram.com/enjouebakery/ that is updated with details about the baked goods on the menu, promotions, and more.