Exotic Fresh – Food Mart in Singapore

You can discover Exotic Fresh food mart in Singapore from within NEWest shopping centre (1 West Coast Drive).

The fresh mart retail store focuses primarily on selling fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as frozen meats and seafood.

Available on the wide range of products are locally popular and more exotic items.

Visiting the food store, you can purchase, for example, blackberries, mixed berries, mango cubes, pineapple chunks, avocado slices, cauliflower rice, banana slices, peach slices, cherries, grapes, Royal Jumbo blueberries, Lotte Premium Luncheon Meat…

Exotic Fresh - Food Mart in Singapore - NEWest.

…Korean Pink Snow & Red Ruby strawberries, musk melons, Frozt popsicles, periban avocados, açai products (from Selva Foods), Moroccan mandarins, crystal sweet corn, Jumbo Moon Autumn Pears, Thailand Honey Mangos, as well as Indian pomegranates.

Exotic Fresh – Food Mart in Singapore
1 West Coast Drive, #01-110, NEWest
Singapore 128021
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:30am-8:30pm

exotic Fresh food mart in Singapore communicates with their customers via several social media pages, such as Facebook.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to new products on the shelves, promotional offers, and more.