Fat Prince – Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore

Fat Prince Middle Eastern restaurant in Singapore is located within Tanjong Pagar, at 48 Peck Seah Street.

Established in 2016, the outlet is a modern Middle Eastern bar, restaurant, and kebab house that is inspired by the streets and the stories of today’s nomads.

Visiting the place, the exciting sounds & sights – taking cues from Istanbul’s opulent cafe culture – and tastes work together harmoniously to create a unique, relaxed culinary journey where you can let your hair down, all while having an upscale dining experience.

Fat Prince - Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore.

The menu, meanwhile, offers a creative and modern approach to Middle Eastern cuisine, complemented by a unique bar “koktail” program.

Marsh Attak Cocktail.

Marsh Attak Cocktail (42 Below vodka, peanut butter, espresso, topped with a torched marshmallow).

Emphasis on the menu lays on contemporary, one-of-a-kind kebabs alongside mezze (small dishes served as appetizers), desserts, and larger sharing dishes freshly prepared at the kitchen’s custom-made earth oven.

Fatteh Breakfast - Fat Prince Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore.

Fatteh Breakfast (from the Brunch Menu – poached eggs, mihalic, falafel tahini, toasted pita).

Dinner Menu highlights include such delights as, for example, KFD (Kurdish Fried Duck) (half duck, spiced yogurt batter, Turkish sriracha, truffle labneh) and Omega Lamb Porterhouse (moroccan spice, pistachio dukkah, juniper).

Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore - Fat Prince.

In addition to going to the restaurant & bar in person, you can also order the meals delivered via delivery partner Deliveroo.

If you’re going for a well-constructed Middle Eastern meal, it typically has a variety of dishes, including small plates, appetizers, and main courses. The goal is to create a spread of dishes that are complementary in flavour and texture, and that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone at the table.

For example, here are some considerations and viewpoints taken from the Fat Prince’s Dinner Menu for a balanced Middle Eastern style meal.

Small plates:

  • Roasted cashew hummus
  • Crispy Brussels sprouts
  • Truffle falafel
  • Fried cauliflower

These small plates are all delicious and easy to share. The roasted cashew hummus is a creamy and flavourful dip that is perfect for pairing with pita bread or vegetables. The crispy Brussels sprouts are a healthy and tasty side dish, and the truffle falafel and fried cauliflower are both addictive and satisfying.

Main courses:

  • Grilled tiger prawn
  • Pit roasted pumpkin
  • Pit smoked pork ribeye

These main courses are all cooked to perfection and full of flavour. The grilled tiger prawns are juicy and tender, and the pit roasted pumpkin is sweet and smoky. The pit smoked pork ribeye is rich and decadent, and it is sure to please any meat lover.


  • Walnut sourdough
  • Turkish pide

These sides are both delicious and versatile. The walnut sourdough is a hearty and flavourful bread that can be enjoyed with the hummus or other small plates. The Turkish pide is a boat-shaped flatbread that can be topped with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, meat, or vegetables.

This meal is well-balanced and has a variety of flavours and textures. The small plates are perfect for sharing, and the main courses are sure to please everyone at the table. The sides are both delicious and versatile, and they complement the other dishes perfectly.

Fat Prince – Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore
48 Peck Seah Street, #01-01
Singapore 079317
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-12midnight

To learn more about Fat Prince Middle Eastern restaurant in Singapore, you can follow the outlet’s official Facebook page at facebook.com/FatPrinceSG/.

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