Faure Le Page Singapore Store – Takashimaya Shopping Centre

You can discover Faure Le Page Singapore store for the French leather luxury goods brand from within Takashimaya Shopping Centre (391 Orchard Road).

With a history going back to the company’s founding as a ceremonial royal swords and guns manufacturer by Louis Pigny in 1717, the fashion house creates today beautiful collections of luxury leather goods.

Through most of its history, the house specialized in ceremonial weapons for princes and kings. For example, Louis XVI had an exquisitely crafted rifle and matching gold-trimmed pistols, while Napoleon owned a gilded vermeil sabre.

Fauré Le Page Singapore - Outlet at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Each of these weapons were always presented in luxurious and intricate holsters or sheaths, that led to the development of an additional line of business — cartridge cases, beater’s pouches, and haversacks in waxed canvas or leather.

From that past the house was re-invented in 2009 by Augustin de Buffevent, a fashion industry entrepreneur, who wanted the brand to create pieces that could take a cheeky look at its hunting past – reminiscent of the past but worn as fashion accessories.

Faure Le Page Bag Singapore.

Calibre Soft 20 in Steel Grey Scale Canvas & Black Leather.

In fact, many of the current collection pieces are derived from the company’s archived designs, re-created in luxurious materials and in opulent color palettes.

Faure Le Page Singapore - Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Some of the classic items, such as boot bags, spirit flasks and a folding beater’s stool are still available for purchase at the company’s outlets, to please the company’s old country clientele and to offer sophisticated urbanites extravagant fashion statements.

Faure Le Page Backpack Singapore.

Back Up 21 in Mars Ochre.

Working with modern ateliers in Spain, Italy, and France, and with an array of specialists – ranging from traditional cabinetmakers to illustrators and colorists – the brand has brought the designs to the modern day, including with special colors like Steel Gray, inspired by gunmetal, and Walnut Brown, referring to amber burr used for rifle butts.

At the bags & accessories shop in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, the available collections include, for example, backpacks, handbags, pochettes, small leather goods, duffel bags, medals, as well as accessories.

Faure Le Page Singapore – Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road, #02-12F, Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm
Services: Hotel Delivery, Mail Order, Privatization, Gift Wrapping, FLP Champagne, Tax Refund Process

You can follow the official Facebook brand page for Faure Le Page Singapore at facebook.com/FaureLePageOfficial/.

The company also has an official Instagram account at instagram.com/faurelepage/.