Feedback Comm – Walkie Talkie Shop in Singapore

A great walkie talkie shop in Singapore, Feedback Comm, is located within Sim Lim Square shopping centre, at 1 Rochor Canal Road.

Incorporated in 1998, the company is an authorized retailer of two-way radios for several global brands in Singapore, including Motorola, Vertex Standard, SMP, Clarigo, Standard Horizon, and Yaesu.

Visiting the store, you can purchase from a full range of walkie talkie products and services – 2 way radios (even Inmarsat satellite phones), accessories, rentals, repairs & maintenance, trade-ins, as well as upgrades.

For the walkie talkies themselves, you can shop for Motorola professional and consumer two way radios & island-wide walkie talkies, Vertex Standard handheld talkies, SMP 2-way radios…

Feedback Comm - Walkie Talkie Shop in Singapore - Sim Lim Square.

…Clarigo CLARIGO308-2, Yaesu handheld transceivers & mobile transceivers and air band transceivers, plus Standard Horizon marine handheld VHF talkies & marine mobile VHF talkies.

To support your 2-way radio use for the best results, the store has accessories in categories of earpieces & palm mics, batteries, carry cases & clips, chargers, and antennas.

If anything goes wrong with your products, you can bring them for repairs, servicing & maintenance to the Sim Lim Square shop, which is open seven days a week.

Many of the Feedback Comm customers have a more short-term need for the products, which is why the company offers walkie talkie rentals in Singapore for all types of short/long range operations.

2-way radio rentals (from daily to monthly) are often used for events such as exhibitions & trade shows, banquettes & weddings, sporting events, parades, film & movie productions, vehicle convoys, motor racing events, and concerts.

Finally, if you find that your talkie is getting old or you find the newer products more suitable to your needs, the electronics store offers trade-ins and upgrades to better models.

Feedback Comm – Walkie Talkie Shop in Singapore
1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-44 & 45, Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30am-7:30pm, Friday 9:30am-7pm, Saturday 10:30am-7:30pm

To learn more about Feedback Comm walkie talkie shop in Singapore, the best way to do so is the official website.

The official website, for example, lists all the contact information you need to get a price quote for your 2-way radio purchases or rentals in Singapore.