Fstop Lights – Flashlight Store in Singapore (CLOSED)

A great flashlight store in Singapore, Fstop Lights, is located within Kovan, north-east Singapore, at 25 Lowland Road. (UPDATE 2022: THE STORE HAS CLOSED)

Established in 2010, the company offers flashlights and tactical solutions from the latest and most reliable illumination gear brands that are sourced from all over the world.

The selection of products includes solutions for everyone, whether you are using the lights for a job or you collect flashlights as an interesting hobby.

Main product categories at the shop include illumination gear, flashlights, batteries, and chargers.

Lumintop HL3A Anduril Headlamp.

Lumintop HL3A 2800lm EDC LED Flashlight Headlamp Andúril UI.

For illumination gear, you can shop for P60 & other upgrade modules, self-illuminating devices (tritium), Surefire compatible accessories, bezels (strike/aggressive) & retaining rings, cases & holsters, clips & lanyards, diffusers/filters, heads, extenders, reflectors, tailcaps & switches, headbands, lubricants & greases, and mounts (weapon/bicycle).

Flashlight categories, meanwhile, includes USB rechargeable flashlights, flashlights made of exotic materials (brass, carbon fiber, copper, stainless steel, titanium), flashlights for different types of batteries (AA batteries, AAA batteries, 18650 batteries, CR123A batteries, other batteries)…

Nitecore TM 28 flashlight.

Nitecore TM28 6000 Lumen Tiny Monster Super Bright 716 Yard Rechargeable LED Flashlight.

…bike/cycling lights, dive lights, headlamps, keychain lights, pen lights, monster series, UV lights, zooming lights, torchlights, searchlights, as well as keychain flashlights.

If you’re looking for flashlight battery chargers, the shop has USB chargers, hybrid chargers, single bay chargers, dual bay chargers, triple bay chargers, quad bay chargers, and six or more bay chargers.

The brands sold at the outdoor equipment shop are 4Sevens, Acebeam, ArmyTek, AW, Brillipower, Bronte, BTU/CQG/DQG, Convoy, Crelant, Deoxit, Dereelight, EagleTac, Efan, Efest, Fenix, Firefly, Firefox, FourSevens, Fstop Lights, IJK, Imalent Flashlights, Imren, Jetbeam, Klarus, LED Lenser, LG, Lumintop, LumiTact, MagicShine, Manker, MecArmy, MNKE, MXJO…

Fstop Lights - Flashlight Store in Singapore - Kovan.

…Nitecore, Niteye, Niwalker, Noctigon, Olight, OrcaTorch, Panasonic, PowerPax, Samsung, Sanyo, Skilhunt, Solarforce, Sony, Soshine, SP2, Spark, Sportac, Sunwayman, Sysmax, TwoFish, Ultrafire, Veleno Designs, Wolf-Eyes, XenoLED, Xtar, and Zebralight.

Fstop Lights – Kovan (UPDATE 2022: THE STORE HAS CLOSED)
25 Lowland Road
Singapore 547415
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-7pm, Saturday 12noon-5pm

The official Facebook page for Fstop Lights is located at facebook.com/FstopLights/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll receive additional information about the available flashlights and illumination equipment, promotions at the store, and much more.

As a popular flashlight store in Singapore, they also keep in touch with their customers via an official Instagram account at instagram.com/fstoplights/.