Future Masters Academy – Robotics For Kids in Singapore

A school offering coding & robotics for kids in Singapore, Future Masters Academy, operates within TripleOne Somerset mall (111 Somerset Road).

The academy is a robotics and coding focused enrichment centre, where the curriculum for the workshops is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) oriented.

Standard courses and workshops offered by the academy (for students typically ranging in age categories from 4 up to 18 years old) involve building robots from scratch and programming them to work properly.

Robotics for Kids in Singapore - Future Masters Academy - TripleOne Somerset.

The workshops and courses encourage each student to approach the lessons creatively & to build their own version of a robot through experimenting with parts and gears, and programming / code to animate the robots.

Difficulty levels for the courses and workshops reflect the ages of the participants, with some younger students’ robotics workshops featuring no coding.

Future Masters Academy - Robotics for Kids in Singapore.

As educational enrichment courses, the school’s robotics and coding workshops aim to enhance STEAM knowledge, improve algorithmic thinking, improve creativity, develop key cognitive skills & computational thinking, as well as develop spatial awareness.

Future Masters Academy TripleOne Somerset – Robotics for Kids in Singapore
111 Somerset Road, #02-01, TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 218164
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:30pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-6:30pm

As a popular provider of coding & robotics for kids in Singapore, Future Masters Academy keeps in touch with their students via social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/FMArobots/.

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at instagram.com/futuremastersrobots/.