G-X5 Extreme Swing & Trampoline Bungy Attraction in Singapore

Extreme swing & trampoline bungy attraction G-X5 is located within Singapore’s Clarke Quay, at 3E River Valley Road.

Designed and engineered in New Zealand, the GX-5 extreme swing & trampoline bungy enables five people at a time to free-fall from 50 metres, slicing through the sky, arcing up and over the Singapore River at over 120 km/h, swinging in a giant pendulum action.

GX-5 Reverse Bungy tourist attraction at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

The attraction has a 100% safety record which includes more than 1,000,000 riders internationally in the seven countries the giant swing operates in.

Trampoline bungy allows riders to perform flips and somersaults, bouncing up to 8 metres in the air, with highly trained staff working in all aspects of the operation so that there is always a fun yet safe environment.

G-X5 Extreme Swing Clarke Quay
3E River Valley Road, #01-G-X5-Blk E, Clarke Quay
Singapore 170924
Hours: Monday-Sunday 4:30pm-late

The official G-X5 Facebook brand page is located at www.facebook.com/gmaxgx5sg/.

You can also follow the official G-X5 Instagram account, which in turn is available at www.instagram.com/gmaxgx5sg/.