Gam3.Asia – E-Sports Centre in Singapore

E-sports hub & pro-gaming venue Gam3.Asia has one location in Singapore, at Marina Square (6 Raffles Boulevard).

As an innovative and interactive e-sports centre, the place aims to build a strong local gaming community in terms of three core platforms: PC + Console + Mobile.

The company brings gaming and E-sports entertainment to greater heights in Singapore, providing live streams of competitive games, game videos, tournaments, and a store selling related equipment.

Gam3.Asia e-sports hub in Singapore.

The company’s e-sports store is a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs from E-Sports showcases to cutting-edge products, from brands such as Razer, Gamepro, ASUS ROG, AORUS, MSI, Alienware, with Logitech G concept and M1 providing in-store exclusives.

Gam3.Asia Marina Square (GamePro Shop and MSI) – E-Sports Centre in Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-261 to 267, Marina Square
Singapore 039594

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