Gems Shine – Feng Shui Crystals in Singapore

Gems Shine, a good shop for Feng Shui crystals in Singapore, has one location available, at Bras Basah Complex (231 Bain Street).

The store is both a Feng Shui shop and consultancy, selling a wide range of natural crystals, including semi-precious jewelry, that have a positive energy to enhance and enrich one’s personal luck at home or at the office.

Other services include Bazi 4 Pillar Analysis / Ziwei Dou Shu Analysis / Power of Number, auspicious date selection, floor plan analysis, choosing of baby names, yearly luck analysis…

Gems Shine Bras Basah Complex - Feng Shui Crystals in Singapore.

…Yijing Bagua Divination, Xuan Kong Flying Star Analysis, light and aura reading, as well as other Feng Shui Consultation Services (HDB 3 rooms, HDB 4 rooms, HDB 5 rooms, condos).

Of the Feng Shui services, Bazi consultation aims to reveal all about your life, your wealth potential, timing of your success luck, love life, and everything you want to know, and need to know to ensure your potential being actualized.

Gems Shine Bras Basah Complex – Feng Shui Crystals in Singapore
231 Bain Street, #01-67, Bras Basah Complex
Singapore 180231
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-7pm

Bras Basah Complex, where Gems Shine and their range of Feng Shui Crystals in Singapore is available, has been open to customers since 1980 and has roots as a center for arts and books.

From the beginning, the mall attracted book fairs and art exhibitions that were immensely popular with the locals, and that status as the Culture Hub of the district has stayed until today.