Get Nailed – Manicure and Pedicure Services in Singapore

Get Nailed, a good salon choice for manicure and pedicure services in Singapore, operates within Leisure Park Kallang (5 Stadium Walk).

Established in 2007, the nail salon offers a wide range of nail care services and treatments, such as manicure and pedicure, nail art, and nail spa.

For the nail spa services and treatments, the salon uses and carries only the best brands in the market, such as of non-toxic ZOYA vegan colours (free from ten harmful ingredients) and O.P.I nail lacquers, which are highly pigmented, long-lasting & chip resistant colours.

Get Nailed - Manicure and Pedicure Services in Singapore.

In total, there are more than 600 nail colours to choose from, so that you can personalise your nails to reflect your lifestyle, mood, goals, festive seasons, etc.

Visiting the nail salon, you can choose your service from a menu that features Express Manicure, Express Pedicure, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure, Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, as well as Men’s Service & services for the little one’s (10 years and below – Mini Express Manicure / Pedicure, Mini Manicure / Pedicure).

Manicure and Pedicure Services in Singapore - Get Nailed.

Beyond the main categories, add-ons & other services include Chrome, Gradation, Gradation (Gel), Gel Polish Removal, Gel Overlay, Gel Extension, Half Moon (Gel), Nail Art, Acrylic Extension, Nail Shaping, Polish Change, and Cuticle Care.

Of the services at Get Nailed, one of the popular choices is nail art. Nail art is popular in Singapore for a number of reasons.

  • It is a form of self-expression. Nail art can be used to express one’s personality, interests, and style. There are endless possibilities for nail art designs, from simple to complex, so everyone can find something that suits them.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive way to accessorize. Nail art can be done at home with basic supplies, or you can go to a professional nail salon for a more elaborate design. Either way, it is a relatively affordable way to add a touch of personality to your look.
  • It is a fashion trend. Nail art has been featured on runways and in fashion magazines, and it is worn by celebrities and influencers alike. This has helped to make nail art more mainstream and popular.
  • It is social media friendly. Nail art is a great way to get creative and take fun photos for social media. Many people enjoy sharing their nail art designs with others, and this has helped to spread the popularity of nail art even further.

In addition to these general reasons, there are a few other factors that have contributed to the popularity of nail art in Singapore in recent years.

  • The rise of social media. As mentioned above, social media has played a major role in popularizing nail art. People are able to see and share nail art designs from all over the world and locally in Singapore, and this has helped to inspire people to try new things and express themselves creatively through their nails.
  • The availability of new nail products and techniques. There are now a wider variety of nail products and techniques available than ever before. This has made it easier and more affordable for people to do their own nail art, and it has also allowed nail artists to create more intricate and elaborate designs.
  • The acceptance of nail art in the workplace. In the past, nail art was often seen as unprofessional. However, this is no longer the case. Many workplaces in Singapore now accept nail art, and some even encourage it. This has made it easier for people to express themselves through their nails, even at work.

Overall, nail art is successful because it is a fun, creative, and affordable way to express oneself. It is also a fashion trend that is supported by social media and the availability of new nail products and techniques.

Get Nailed – Manicure and Pedicure Services in Singapore
5 Stadium Walk, #02-14, Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm

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