Ground Zero – Fitness Studio in Singapore

Ground Zero fitness studio in Singapore operates within Cross Street Exchange shopping centre, at 18 Cross Street.

The premium boutique fitness centre offers two workout concepts: RESISTANCE (strength) and RIDE (indoor cycling) classes.

All of the available immersive, energetic workouts are designed to help clear your mind and transform your body alongside a community of like-minded, motivated individuals.

Ground Zero Fitness Studio in Singapore.

Each class is set in a dimly lit room featuring futuristic lighting interiors and an underground club vibe, plus curated playlists to inspire you through hard hitting routines that incorporate speed, technique & strengh training.

With the help of the workouts and a team of highly knowledgeable instructors, the fitness centre classes have a transformative power through movement to help you optimise your personal fitness and wellbeing.

Fitness Studio in Singapore - Ground Zero Cross Street Exchange.

The RIDE indoor cycling classes are 45 / 60 minutes of a full body workouts on a bike that strengthen both mind and body.

RESISTANCE classes, meanwhile, are 45 minutes of a total body experience, set towards increasing levels of energy and intensity as you progress in all aspects of endurance, strength and power.

Ground Zero Cross Street Exchange – Fitness Studio in Singapore
18 Cross Street, #B1-120, Cross Street Exchange
Singapore 048423
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-6:30pm

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There is also an official Instagram account available, located at and updated with promotional offers, details about the classes, events, and more.