Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co. – Motorcycle Shop in Singapore

Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co., a good motorcycle shop in Singapore, is located within Kallang district, at 1108 & 1110 Serangoon Road.

The company, founded in 1978, is a one-stop motorcycling center that sells new and used motorbikes & scooters, being a local distributor for Keeway Motorcycles, ZongShen Motorcycles, and Hyosung Motorcycles.

Visiting the place, you can also purchase motorbikes, parts, accessories, as well as services related to motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, Hyosung, Suzuki, and Piaggio.

Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co. - Motorcycle Shop in Singapore.

The range of products and services covers street bikes, sports bikes, choppers / cruisers, scooters, tourers, scramblers, and transport / commercial motorcycles.

Additional services include private & commercial lease / rental of motorcycles, financing for motorcycle purchases, motorbike insurance, renewal of road taxes, accident claims, import and export of motorcycles, repairs and maintenance, plus motorcycle towing service.

For commercial motorcycle rentals, the motorbike shop options include 3-day rentals, weekly rentals, 2-week rentals, and monthly rentals (where there usually is no need for a deposit) – for various types & sizes of motorbikes.

Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co. – Motorcycle Shop in Singapore
1108 & 1110 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328200
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm

One of the ways you can learn more about the company is through their official Facebook page at

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll receive updates related to the company’s services, events, and more.

What Is Keeway Motorcycles? Guan Hoe Cheong Trading Co.

Keeway is a Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1992. The company is best known for its scooters, but it also produces a range of motorcycles, including naked bikes, cafe racers, and customs.

In recent years, Keeway has collaborated with the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli, and the new RKS Sport, K-Light, RKR and RKF models all include Benelli DNA. The RKR and RKF have revolutionary Benelli BMT Series Engines featuring Multivalve, Multi spark, Lean burn design.

Keeway motorcycles are known for their reliability and value for money. The company has a strong presence in Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Popular Keeway motorcycles

Sixties 125i, 300i: These retro-style scooters are powered by fuel-efficient single-cylinder engines.

Versilia 50, 150: These sleek and stylish scooters are perfect for urban commuting.

Cafe Racer 152, Cafe Racer X 152: These classic-style bikes are perfect for riders who want a taste of old-school motorcycling.

C-LIGHT 125: This futuristic scooter features a LED headlamp and an eye-catching design.

Horse 150: This comfortable and versatile scooter is perfect for everyday rides.

SR 125, 202: These sporty scooters are ideal for riders who want a bit of excitement on the road.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle, Keeway is definitely worth considering.