Guitar Workshop – Classical Guitars in Singapore

Music store Guitar Workshop, a popular shop to buy classical guitars in Singapore, operates within Bras Basah Complex, at 231 Bain Street.

Established by Francis Poh in 1988, the company is a dealer for new and used / vintage musical instruments, professional audio equipment, guitar repairs & restoration, as well as guitar customization and artwork and they also repair guitar pedals and amplifiers.

Main categories of products at the store include acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukelele, guitar cables, guitar parts, bass guitar parts, guitar strings, guitar tuners, acoustic/classical guitar amplifiers, bass guitar amplifiers, electric guitar amplifiers, bass preamplifiers…

Guitar Workshop at Bras Basah Complex in Singapore.

…accessories (cables, guitar & bass parts, strings, tuners), drums, cymbals, percussions, keyboard sound modules, audio interface, disc players, digital synthesizers, DI / feedback exterminator, audio effects, equalizers, foot controllers, loud speaker controllers, wireless / microphones, mixers, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, outboard gear, sequencers, and switchers.

For used / preowned musical instruments, meanwhile, the selection includes used guitars, used effects, used amplifiers, used pro-audio, plus preowned drum & percussions.

Guitar Workshop - Classical Guitars in Singapore.

The music store serves the local and regional music community at a personal level, offering quality, customizable and fully interactive experiences for each individual.

Each instrument is carefully sourced and professionally set-up through a proprietary set-up process.

In addition, the musical instrument store offers personal consultations for instrument diagnosis, sound projects, and even for custom jobs.

Guitar Workshop Bras Basah Complex – Classical Guitars in Singapore
231 Bain Street, #03-09, Bras Basah Complex
Singapore 180231
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm

Brands available at the shop include Alembic, Amalio Burget, Aria, ata, B.C. Rich, Behringer, Boss, Buzz Feiten, Canare, Cherub, Contessa, Cort, CTS, EMG, Fender, Framus, Gibson…

…Godin, Greco, Guitar Workshop, Hofner, Ibanez, Istanbul, Kempton, Kramer, Kubiki, LAG, Maestro, Martin & Co., Mojo, Musicman, Ovation, Palmer, RCF, Roland, Samick, Schecter, Seymour Duncan, Silvertone, Sire, Squier…

…Supro, Suzuki, Tapco, Taylor, Tokai, Tornado, XOTIC, and Yamaha.

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