GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki – 2 Locations in Singapore

GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki restaurant has two locations in Singapore, one within Funan Mall (107 North Bridge Road).

A culinary venture by Minor Food Singapore, this Japanese grill house promises an unparalleled experience with its extensive range of quality fish sets grilled to order.

From the savory Saikyo Yaki to the sweet Teriyaki and the flavorful Shioyaki, GyoGyo invites diners to explore a symphony of tastes and textures, complemented by the finest Japanese rice and miso soup.

GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki Restaurant in Singapore.

As part of the international restaurant business, Minor Food, GyoGyo introduces a fresh concept to its portfolio, joining the ranks of well-loved dining establishments such as Poulet, Riverside Grilled Fish, and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

The restaurant’s commitment to providing a diverse menu that caters to various tastes is evident in its offerings beyond grilled fish, including Sukiyaki Gozen, Japanese rice bowls, tempura, teppan spaghetti, sides, and delectable desserts.

Upon entering the outlets, diners are welcomed into a brightly lit atrium space adorned with a modern Japanese aesthetic.

The use of light wood and an earth tone palette creates an inviting ambiance, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Digital menu boards showcasing enticing photographs of the dishes are mounted outside the restaurant, offering a sneak peek into the culinary delights that await.

Inside, regular menu books are available, and tech-savvy diners can opt to scan a QR code on their tables for a digital menu experience.

Teriyaki Mero Fillet.

Popular choices on the menu are the likes of Grilled Seabass Spaghetti and Beef Bowl, accompanied by such highlights as the delightful Azuki Shiratama dessert, for a dining experience that is nothing short of satisfying.

The Grilled Seabass Spaghetti, served with a fried egg, vegetables, and mushroom cream sauce, showcases the culinary expertise of the kitchen.

The meaty seabass with tender white flesh, coupled with the harmonious blend of flavors from the cream sauce, vegetables, and egg, creates a delightful symphony for the palate.

The Beef Bowl, a classic Japanese comfort dish, lives up to expectations with its generous serving of beef, eggs, and vegetables over a bed of rice. The dish is tasty and fulfilling, providing a familiar and comforting dining experience.

To conclude the meal on a sweet note, one good option is the Azuki Shiratama dessert, featuring red beans and glutinous rice flour balls. With a fragrant aroma and a perfect balance of sweetness, it serves as a fitting end to the culinary journey at GyoGyo.

GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki offers a diverse range of grilled fish sets, catering to those seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience.

GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki Restaurant Singapore.

The reasonably priced menu, coupled with a pleasant dining space, positions GyoGyo as a noteworthy addition to the Minor Food Group’s lineup.

For those familiar with the group’s other establishments like Poulet and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, GyoGyo presents an opportunity to explore Japanese cuisine at a similar price point, making the restaurant a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of Japanese grilled delights.

GyoGyo Japanese Grilled Fish & Sukiyaki Restaurant Locations & Opening Hours in Singapore

Funan Mall
107 North Bridge Road, #B1-34, Funan Mall
Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #06-08/09/10, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

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