HardwareCity – 6 Hardware Stores in Singapore

You can choose from six HardwareCity hardware stores in Singapore, including a flagship shop at 204/208 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1.

Established in 1979 (originally under the name Chong Brother Hardware Supply), the company is today one of the most popular hardware suppliers in Singapore for the private and industrial sectors.

Among the main industries using their services are governmental sectors, institutions & schools, military, marine & offshore, oil & gas, aerospace, building & construction, facility management companies, energy, logistics, major manufacturing companies, hotels & resorts, as well as transportation operators.

HardwareCity - Hardware Stores in Singapore.

The hardware stores carry products in main categories of hand tools, general tools, aerospace tools, oil & gas tools, titanium tools, stainless steel tools, power tools, power tool accessories, test & measurement, outdoor & garden, tool box & storage, PPE & safety equipment…

…material handling, locks & ironmongery, fasteners, electrical, lightings, plumbing & air condition, consumable products, household essentials, stationery, building supplies, paint & painting supplies, and lifestyle.

HardwareCity Locations & Opening Hours – Hardware Stores in Singapore

Choa Chu Kang Ave (Flagship Store)
204/204A/206/208 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, Shophouse
Singapore 689473
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-5pm

i12 Katong
112 East Coast Road, #B1-25/26, i12 Katong
Singapore 428802
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Jelita (Holland Road)
293 Holland Road, #02-06/07/08, Jelita Shopping Centre
Singapore 278628
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

Jurong Island
3 Sakra Road, #02-05, Oasis @ Sakra, Jurong Island
Singapore 627878
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Pioneer Junction
3 Soon Lee Street, #01-44, Pioneer Junction
Singapore 627606
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm, Saturday 8am-2:30pm

Block 74 HDB Whampoa Drive, #01-322
Singapore 320074
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-5pm

As top hardware stores in Singapore, HardwareCity keeps in touch with their customers via social media, including Facebook at facebook.com/hardwarecitycomsg/.

You can also follow the official Instagram page for HardwareCity at instagram.com/hardwarecitysg/ that features updates related to promotions, events, and more.

Categories of Products Available at the HardwareCity Stores

Hand Tools: torque wrenches, utility knife & cutters, sockets, ratchets & accessories, wrenches, clamps & vises, large wrenches, tube benders, stripping & crimping tools, chisels & punches, files & planes, prybars & crowbars, staples & tackers, soldering & accessories, screwdrivers, hand cutters & snips, pliers & tweezers, hammers & mallets, hand saw & blades, leatherman, drivers & riveters, flaring tools, glass tools, hand keys (hex & torx), deburring tools, bundle tool sets, awls, hooks & scribers, pickup tool & mirrors.

General Tools: automotive, welding equipment, brazing, welding accessories, drain cleaning machines, drain cleaning tools, construction tools, gas cutting & heating, grease guns, lubricators, flashlight & portable lighting, tactical flashlights, headlamps, dive lights, safety approved lights, inspection lights, remote area lights, light accessories, threading tools, taps, dies & sets, screw extractors, thread repair, thread pitch gauge, threading machines.

Aerospace Tools: shop tools, Hi-Lok tools, cutting & microstops, sheet metal, drilling, bucking bars, upholstery tools, Brown tool, Sioux, Taylor tools, River tools, 3M tools.

Oil & Gas Tools: non-spark wrenches, non-spark ratchets & sockets, non-spark screwdrivers & bits, non-spark pliers, non-spark hammers, non-spark cutting, non-spark axe, shovels, prybars, non-spark files & planes, non-spark chisels & punches, non-spark clamps & vises, non-spark tools set, non-spark lifting hoists.

Titanium Tools: titanium wrenches, titanium ratchets & sockets, titanium pliers, titanium knives, titanium screwdrivers, titanium hammers, titanium toolsets.

Stainless Steel Tools: stainless steel trolley & carts, stainless steel wrenches, stainless steel screwdrivers, stainless steel pliers, stainless steel hammers, stainless steel clamps & vises.

Power Tools: cordless drills, wrenches, corded drill drivers, air tools, cordless saws, power chain saws, corded saws, cordless combo kits, corded grinder, cordless grinder, corded glue guns & heat guns, corded planers, routers, corded polishers, sanders, corded demolition hammers, ventilation air blowers, handheld blowers, other cordless power tools, other corded power tools, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers & edges, generators, air compressors, jets vacuum steam cleaners, fertilizer spreader, petrol engine sprayer, other engine equipment, corded rotary tools, cordless rotary tools.

Power Tools Accessories: drill bits, hole saw, wire brushes, cutting & grinding, polishing accessories, abrasives products, pneumatic fittings, saw blades, mounted points, tct carbide burrs, router bits, arbors holders & chucks, rotary tool accessories, batteries & chargers, jets & vacuum accessories, heat gun & hot glue accessory, screwdriver bits, demolition chisels.

Test & Measurement: test instruments, multimeter, thermometer, clamp meter, gauges & calipers, walk measures, voltage tester pens, distance & surface lasers, weighing scales, tire air gauges inflators, rulers & layout tools, levels & combination squares, measuring tapes.

Outdoor & Garden: hoses pistols & reels, forks hoes & cultivators, saws pruners & shears, pressure sprayers & watering, irrigation accessories, other garden tools, barbecue & grill, fences edgings & mesh, pest control, artificial carpet grass, pots & planters, water pumps, outdoor camping, indoor cabinets, outdoor shed, outdoor furniture, inflatable swimming pool, outdoor chest, grow your own, seeds, soil, composts & fertilizers, plant protection, coolers & jugs, coolers, cooler bags, jugs & beverage coolers, party stacker coolers.

Tool Box & Storage: roller cabinet, toolbox, tool bags, tool chest, tool pouch and belt, tool panels & accessories, work bench, roller carts trolley, river shadow foaming, jerry cans, waterproof protective cases.

PPE & Safety Equipment: foot protection, shoe accessories, head & face protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, hand protection, protective apparels, spill control, flammable safety cabinets, fire safety, first aid boxes & consumables, medical equipment, traffic safety, marine safety, communication equipment, high voltage safety, esd control & clean room, fall protection, harness, lanyards & arrestors, tripod, ropes & accessories, tree climbing equipment.

Material Handling: ladders & platforms, chains, ropes & straps, trolleys & carts, castors & wheels, hydraulic jacks, blocks hoist & winches (MOM), warehouse equipment, ratchet tie down, hooks & shackles, packaging, webbing slings (MOM), storage containers

Locks & Ironmongery: door handles, entrance locksets, mortises, door closers, door stoppers, door & window hardware, security padlocks, bike/chain locks, cylinders, door seals, cam lock, furniture gliders, furniture fittings, masterlock lockout tagout, safety padlocks, lockout devices, signs and tags, lockout kits and stations, group lock boxes, confined space covers.

Fasteners – HardwareCity – Hardware Store in Singapore: bolts & nuts, self tapping screws, self drilling screws, anchors & rivets, other fasteners, dry wall screws.

Electrical: extensions & reels, ballast & transformers, sockets & switches, water heaters, cables & wires, communication cables, Warom ex-proof electric, cable management, hood & hob, hand dryers, ovens & microwave, electrical accessories, circuit breakers, plugs & adaptors, other home appliances, home electronics, doorbells, timer switch, TV brackets, electric insect repellent, fans, ceiling fans, stand fans, wall mounted fans, ventilation fans, fan-light kits & accessories, air cooler & purifiers.

Lightings – HardwareCity – Hardware Store in Singapore: energy saving bulbs, fluorescent lights, halogen lamps, led lights, designer lightings, emergency lights, nightlights.

Plumbing & Air Condition: WC bowl seats & bidets, kitchen taps & sinks, bathroom taps & basins, safety grab bar, pipes & fittings, bathroom showers, WC cistern syphon, aircon materials, plumbing hardware, industrial hoses, water filters, hose clamps & bands.

Consumable Products – HardwareCity – Hardware Store in Singapore: motor oil, lubricant & penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners & degreasers, adhesives & tapes, glues & sealants, thread lockers, repair epoxy, wax & polish, crack check inspection, caulking guns, scrapers, boat care, air fresheners, drain unblocker, floor cleaners, adhesive removers, grouting, car care, motorbike care, bicycle care.

Household Essentials: storeroom shelves, bathroom accessories, kitchen dish drying rack, cleaning aids, disinfectants, hand soaps & sanitizers, insects prevention, hand towels, tissue, dispenser, hooks, hangers, protectors, kitchenware, other necessities, anti-slip mats, pantry supplies, food containers, glass containers, stocker containers, drink bottles, laundry drying racks, laundry detergent, bleach, ironing boards & misc, laundry baskets, clothes hangers & pins, laundry net.

Stationery – HardwareCity – Hardware Store in Singapore: safe box & lockers, industrial markers, industrial log books, writing materials, white board, other stationery.

Building Supplies: building materials, trash and recycling, scaffold products.

Paint & Painting Supplies: Dulux Far Away Places, Dulux Colour Play Testers, interior paint, exterior paint, wood & metal paint, marine & industrial paints, wood stains & varnish, primers, sealers & undercoats, spray paint, solvants & removers, paint rollers & brushes, scrapers & knives, floor protection, painter’s tapes, putty & fillers, other paints.

Lifestyle – HardwareCity – Hardware Store in Singapore: licensed label T-Shirts, fashion head wear, fashion jackets & coveralls, F1 racing caps.

Brands Available at the Hardware Store in Singapore

3M, 3R, 3R Drain, 5 STAR, A-SAFE, ABB, Abloy, Accision, AccuSure, ACCUWAY, Aces, Acez, Acision, ADL, Advante, AED, Aerogaz, Aerotek, AETOS, AGP, Aiko, AIR WICK, AIRCOOL, Airstrong, AISEN, Aiwo, ALFRA, ALGO, Alkimi, Allibert, Allway Tools, Alpen, Alpha, ALTECO, Aman – Korea, AMARON, Amax, Amazing Goop, Ampco – USA…

…AMPROBE, Anaca, Anchor, ANDER, Ansell, APEX TOOL USA, Apexon, APOIL, Araldite, Argol, Ariston, Armaflex, ARMEG, ArmorAll, ArmStrong – USA, ARROW, Arth Man – Japan, ARTLINE, ASAHI, ASIAN FIRST, ASSURE, ASTRA, Atena, ATG-Gloves, ATI Tools, ATLAS FILTRI, Autosol, Auweld, Axtschlag, AZ-FAST, BABA, Bacharach, Bahco, BAILEY, Baiter…

…Ban Nee Chen Nursery, Bandmab, Baron, Bata Industrial, BEARGRIP, Bedbug911, Bernzomatic, BESSEY, Bestar, Bestchem, Betex, Bilge, BIN BUDDY, BioGreen, Black & Decker, Black Stallion – USA, BLOOM, BLOOMBAGZ, Blossom, Blu-Mol, Blue Metal, BluePoint, BMI, Bochng, BOKE, Bolle, Bona, Bondhus, BORRIS, Bosch, BOSTIK, BOSUN…

…Bradley, Brain, Brasso, Bref, Brian, Bridge, Briton, Britz, Brown Tool, Builders Bond, BULLARD, Buono – Italy, Buster, CABOT AUSTRALIA, CALVO, Can Gun 1, CARPLAN, CAS JAPAN, Castrol, Caterpillar, Cavico, CDI Torque, CEM, Chairo, CHAMPION, CHANG TJER, Channellock, Chicago Pneumatic, Chillington UK, Chiyoda, CHW, CIF, Claber, CLECO…

…Clipsal, Clorox, Cloversoft, CLP, Coleman, Combat, COME UP, COMMANDO, Controz, CoolMax, CORBIN, COSCO, Cosen, Cougar, COX, CRC, CRESCENT, CROWN, CSB, Curver, Cyber, CYC, D&D, D.T England, DAB Nova, Daiko, DAISHEN, DAIYO, DALO Marker, Dancel, Davco, DEB, DECA, Defender, DELTA-PLUS, Den Braven, DENKA, Denso, DermAssist, DETTOL…

…Devcon – USA, Devon, Dewalt, DHW, DIA, Diager, Dickies, Digi-Pas, Dimartino, Dino-Power, DIRTDEVIL, DMC, DMD, Dogyu, DOLMAR, DONGCHENG, Dorma, DORMER, DOT DESIGN, Double Ace, Double G, Dow Corning, DREMEL, Drill Doctor – USA, DUKSHIN, Dulux Paint, DUNLOP, Dupli-Color, DUPONT, Dupont Tyvex, DURO, DYKEM, Dynaflux, E-Cloth, E-Nitoyo…

…Eastern, EASYDEK, Ebisu Diamond, Eclipse, ECOSENSE, Ega Master, Eight, Elba (EF), Elo Living, ELORA, Endo Keiki, Enduro Y, Energizer, ENERPAC, ENGINEER, ENPAC, ENTA, ENWARE, EPOCA ITALY, Ergodyne, ESAB, Esteras, EUBIQ Retail, EUROMAX, Evacut, Eveready, Everitt, Eversafe, Evo 3, EXCELL, Extech, Facom, Falco, Falcon, Fanco…

…Faraone, Felder, Femi, FIAC, Finger Saver – UK, Fisco, Fix-O-Moll, FKD Japan, Flemings, Flexzilla, Fluid Film, Fluke, Forte – UK, FOSTER, FRIEDLAND, Fuji, Fujida, Fuller MaxBond, G-MAN, Garbath, Garden Society, GARDNER BENDER, GARRETT, Gaston Mille, GE Electric, GEARENCH, Gearwrench – USA, Gedore, GEMINI, General…

…GENIUS, Gentle, Gentos – Japan, GIKEN, GISON, GLACIER, GLAD, Gloria, GMI, GOJO, Golden Eagle, GOLDEN FUJI, Gonzo, GOO Gone, Good Morning, Goodyear, Goot, GORILLA, GP, Green Hands, GREENLEE, GreenSpade, Greensword, GROHE, GT, GT Explorer Cases, GTECH, Hafele, HAMMERITE, Hans, Hansaplast, HANSMAN, Hardi, HardwareCity, HARPIC…

…HARU, HAWS, HB Fuller, HEIAN SHINDO, Heife, Henchman Aerospace, HERNON, Heytec, HG SYSTEMS, Hi-GLAZE, HILTI, Hioki, HIT – Japan, Hitachi, HITARY, Hochiki, Holt – Canada, Holts, Honeywell Safety, Horobin – UK, HORTI, Howard Leight, Hozelock, HT800, HuBDIC, Hudson – USA, Hunter, Hurricane, Husky, Husqvarna, HWACO, HydroPress…

…Hyundai, IETO, iFan, IGLOO, Imco, Innovare, Intex, IRIS OHYAMA, IRON DUKE, IRWIN, ISHII, Ivelin, Izumi, J-Tech, JABSCO, Jackie, Jacobs – USA, JASMINE, JB Weld, Jetech Tool, Jetmaster, JH WILLIAMS, JML, Johnson Level, Jotun Paint, Junkin, Justrite, Kamaki, Kangaroo, KANSAI, Kanzawa, Kapro, Karcher, KATO, KBS, KD – USA, KDK…

…KDS JAPAN, Kendo, Keter, KEYSTONE, Kimberly-Clark, Kimtone, King Tony, Kingjet, Kings, Kingsford, KIPOR, KIRKLAND, KIS, Kleenguard, KLENCO, Klingspor, KNAUS, Knipex, Kobelco, Kobishi, KOLOR KUT, KOOMUS, Korel, Koyo, KPR, Kripal, KRUSHER, Krylon, KTC, Kusumi, Kyoritsu, Kyowa, Laco, LADDERMENN, Laser, Launtop, Leader, Leatherman…

…LEDVANCE, Legrand, Leifheit, LENOX, Lexingham, LICON, LIGHT VAULT, LINCOLN, Lion, Liqui Moly, Little Giant, LIYODA, Lobster, Lock & Lock, Loctite, Loyal, LPS, Luceco, Lupromax, LUTRON, LYSOL, M-Pact, M10, MAG LIT, Magic, Magic Wrap, Magiclean, MAGNA, Magnolia, MAGNUM, Majesta, Maka, Makita, Mako, MANIX, MAPEI, Markal, Mars, Martor…

…Marukana – Japan, MASADA, Master, MasterLock, Masterplug, Maun Industries, Max Clean, Max Strength, MAXELL, Maxicut, Maxiflex, Maxiguard, MAXSPID, MAYER, MCC, MCWARES, Mechanix Wear, MECO, MEGAPHONE, Megger, Melco, MEPCATO, Mercedes AMG F1, MERCURY, Mery, Mesa, Metex, METYLAN, Metz, Microgard, Midland, MILBAR, Miller…

…Milwaukee, MINWAX, MIRKA, MISTRAL, Mitutoyo, MJF, MK, MOERMAN, MOKUBA, Moldex, Molex, MonsterAir, Moore & Wright, Morries, Morse – USA, Motorola, MR CLEAN, Mr Ganick, Mr Mckenic, MSA, MTC, Mystar, MYSTIK, MZW – Italy, Nagoya, NANUK, Napoleon…

…Nasonik, Navite, NELON, Nes, NEUTON, New Bakers, New Eagle, New Pig, New Yamamoto, Nexus, NICHIA KOREA, NightSearcher, Nilfisk, NIPON, Nippon Paint, NISAKU Japan, Nitecore, Nitti, Norbar – UK, NORIKA, Norma – Italy, North – USA, NorthRock, Norton, NUSHARP, NUSHIWA, Ocean Master, OES, OHMI, OIC, OKT by Nesto, Old English, OLEE…

…OLIVER, OMCN, ONISHI, OPT, OREGON, Orex, OSBORNE NEEDLES, Osprey, Osram, Otter, OTTO, OZAAS, P&M, Paint Runner, Palma, Panasonic, PANDUIT, PARKER USA, PART LAND USA, Patos, PCL, Peak, Pearl Life, Pelican, Pereseal, Performix, Permaplug UK, Permatex, Perwoll, Petzl, PFERD, PHC Safety, Philips, PILOT, Pioneer, Planeta, Plantonic…

…PLEDGE, Pokon, Port-Bag, PORTWEST, PowerCoil, Powercoil – USA, PowerPac, Pozzi, PRECISION, Pressol, Prestar, Presto, Prestone, Pril, Princeton, PRO, Projobber, Prosperplast, Protek, Proto, PROVIDUS, Proxxon, PUFF DINO, Puhua, Pulzar, PUMA, Queebee, Queen, QUEENIE, R-LOC, Raffles Paint, Rain-X, Rainbow, RANGER, Rapid…

…RAT X, RAWLPLUG, Rayen, REBURE, Record, Red Bull, Redex, Redox, Redwheel, Redwing – USA, Reeltec, Refresh, REKROW, Rene, RENEE, RENNSTEIG, Respirex, RHEEM, Richter, RICHU, Ridgid, RILAND, RILON, River – USA, RIZZO, RJ London, Robin, ROBINAIR, ROCK, Rocol, RONG YUNN, RONSON, Rothenberger, ROTRONIC, Roundup, ROWELL, RS PRO, RTMAPP…

…Rubine, RUKO GERMANY, RUST-OLEUM, Ryobi, Saer, SAFARI, SAFELOK, Safepad, Safety Jogger, Sakura, Sala, Salisbury by Honeywell, Samsung, Samurai, SANKO, Sannitsu, SANRITSU, Sanwa, SATURN, Savco, SAWA, SCHEPPACH GERMANY, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SCOTT, SCUDERIA FERRARI, SealXpert, Seapex, Secura, Securall, SEEK, Seiko, Sellery, Selleys…

…SEN, Sensly, SentrySafe, Series 500, SheetRock, Sherwin Williams, SHIELDTOX, SHINETOOL, Shingo, SHINTO, Shinwa, Shuter, Shuttle, Sibax, SIKAFLEX, SILOCK, Simpsons – USA, SIOUX, SKC Japan, SKECHERS, SKF, SKK, SKYHAWK, SKYSCAN, Smith Max – USA, Snap-On, Snoop, Sofix, Solar, Solex – USA, SOLIGNUM, Somat, SONIC, Sony, SOTECO…

…Soudal, SOUNDTEOH ELECTRONICS, Sparkleen, Spasciani, SPC, Speakman, SpeedFit, SPERO, St. Guchi, Stabila, STAHLWILLE, Stanley, Star-M, Starbrite, Starcraft, Starrett, Steve & Leif, STOCKMASTER, Stocky, STP, Streamlight – USA, STRIKERS, Sugihara Diatop Japan, Sumio, SUMNER, SUN, SUN RUN, Sundstrom, Sunflag, SUNMOON…

…SUNRISE, Sunshine, Super – Japan, Super Sunflex, SUPER YAMATO, SuperStar, Supersteam, Supreme Tape, SWANS, Swarfega, Sykes Pickavant, SYR, Sysbel, T&J Electric, Tachometer, Taiyo, Tajima, Tanaka – Japan, TANGIT by HENKEL, Target, Tata, Tatay, Taylor, TDS-Black-Seal, TECNOGI, TECO, Tegera, Tempest, Tenax, THE BUG PATCH…

…THOR, Tiger, Tiger Brand, Tile Guard, TILLMAN USA, Timbermate, Togawa, Togoshi, Toku, TOMITA, TONE, Tontarelli, TOP, TOP 1, Topland, TOPMAN, Toshiba, Toto, TOWA YAMATO, Toyo, Toyogo, Toyu, TPC, TRAD, Tramontina – Brazil, Travel Blue, Tri-Circle, Triangle UK, Trimark, TRUSCO, TruSens Air Purifier, Tsurumi, TTC King – Japan…

…Turtle Wax, TURTLESKIN USA, U-West, UHU, Ultra, UNI Markers, UNI-T, Unica, UNICORN, Union, Unior, UNIWELD, Vasile, Ventosa, Vernel, VESSEL, VICTORINOX, VIP, Viper, Viro, VIRUTEX, Vision, VISTARINI, Vogel, VOLKEL, VOYLET, WABO, Walch, Warom, Warrior, Way-Train, WD40, Weber, WEDO, Weicon, Weiman, WELD-ON, WELICHI…

…Well Team, Wera, WESCOL, Wessbond, West Chester, Winning, Wipeout, WolfCraft, Worksafe, Wynn’s, Xtraseal, Yale, Yamada, Yamaha, Yamato, Yamayo, YANK, YELLOWYELLOW, YUASA, Zebra, ZECCHIN, Zenoah, ZIPPO, Zircon, Zwaluw, ZWIPES.