H:CONNECT Clothing Store in Singapore (CLOSED)

Korean fashion brand H:CONNECT has one boutique in Singapore, located within Bugis Junction shopping centre (200 Victoria Street). (UPDATE 2020: THE STORE HAS CLOSED)

H:CONNECT is a modern K-fashion label that is always at the edge, shaping Asian style trends and a favourite of many leading K-pop celebrities.

H:CONNECT clothing Singapore.

Overall, H:CONNECT creates contemporary, unique, and stylish women’s & men’s clothing and accessories for people, especially in the age range 18-35, who are passionate and positive.

H:CONNECT womenswear Singapore.

At the store, you’ll find the full range of the labels latest collections, with new designs added to the shelves every week, ensuring that you’ll have access to the freshest and latest K-fashion styles.

In addition to Singapore, H:CONNECT has stores across Korea, Taiwan, and China.

200 Victoria Street, #01-101, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

The official H:CONNECT Singapore Facebook brand page is located at www.facebook.com/HCONNECTSingapore.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay updated on the latest K-fashion trends that are worn by some of the most celebrated names in K-pop and K-drama, H:CONNECT promotions, events, and much more.