Helicopter Smartfly – RC & Drone Store in Singapore

Helicopter Smartfly, a good RC & drone store in Singapore, is located within Queensway Shopping Centre (1 Queensway).

Established in 2010, the company specialises in quality and affordable radio controlled products that are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Categories of radio controlled products you can purchase from are drones, accessories, RC mini, buggies & trucks, vehicles, boats, and helicopters.

Helicopter Smartfly - Drone Store in Singapore - Queensway Shopping Centre.

For drones specifically, the choices include racing drones, EZPilot drones, EMAX drones, Syma drones, goggles, gesture control drones, FPV camera drones, foldable drones, balance chargers, batteries, DIY kits, and many more.

Drone Store in Singapore - Helicopter Smartfly.

In addition to being a retail shop for drones, the company organizes drone piloting workshops by certified & experienced instructors.

At the drone workshops, you’ll learn basic drone piloting skills, know-how about how drones work, different usages for drones, and the latest on Singapore drone regulations.

The RC store also does repairs of drones, plus you can purchase spare parts for doing home maintenance and repairs.

Helicopter Smartfly – RC & Drone Store in Singapore
1 Queensway, #02-04 (Beside Lift Lobby B), Queensway Shopping Centre
Singapore 149053
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 12noon-7pm, Sunday 3pm-7:30pm

As a popular RC & drone store in Singapore, Helicopter Smartfly keeps in touch with their customers via social media, including Facebook at facebook.com/helicoptersmartfly/.

You can also follow the store’s official Instagram page instagram.com/helicopter_smartfly/ for updates related to events, new products, and more.