Hi Tea – Fruit Tea in Singapore

Artisan tea company Hi Tea, a great place to enjoy fruit tea in Singapore, is located within Far East Plaza shopping center (14 Scotts Road).

Established in 2017 in Singapore, the company’s outlet is an artisan tea lifestyle concept that incorporates unique and modern boba teas, cold brew techniques, and innovative recipes that blend fruits with premium teas.

For their teas, the company has sourced and researched hundreds of different ingredients (fresh fruits, different tea blends), to come up with the most desirable recipes that combine and balance innovation & taste.

Hi Tea Far East Plaza - Fruit Tea in in Singapore.

Visiting the tea house outlet, the menu contains sections of Cold Brew Jasmine Fruit Teas, Cold Brew Premium Selection Fruit Teas, Cold Brew Oolong Fruit Teas, Cold Brew Milk Tea Series, as well as Cold Brew Pure & Fusion Selection Teas.

Hi Tea - Fruit Tea in Singapore.

Highlights in the selections are, for example, Strawberry Jasmine Fruit Tea, Mango Jasmine Premium Fruit Tea, Kiwi Oolong Fruit Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, and Lychee Red Fusion Tea.

Hi Tea Far East Plaza – Fruit Tea in Singapore
14 Scotts Road, #01-14B (Beside Taxi Stand), Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 12noon-10pm, Friday-Sunday 12noon-11pm

Official Facebook brand page for Hi Tea and their range of fruit tea in Singapore is located at facebook.com/hiteasingapore/.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll stay up to date on the outlet’s promotions, new boba tea & fruit tea flavors, and more.

Popularity of Fruit Teas in Singapore – Hi Tea

Fruit teas, like the ones sold at Hi Tea, have gained immense popularity in Singapore, becoming a ubiquitous beverage enjoyed across all demographics and occasions. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors.

Versatility and Flavor: Fruit teas offer a wide range of flavors, catering to diverse preferences. From tart and tangy citrus infusions to sweet and refreshing berry blends, there’s a fruit tea flavor to suit every taste bud.

Health and Wellness Appeal: Fruit teas are perceived as healthier alternatives to sugary sodas and energy drinks, offering antioxidants and vitamins from the fruits used. The concept of “wellness” is highly valued in Singapore, and fruit teas align with this trend.

Visual Appeal and Instagrammability: The vibrant colors and aesthetically pleasing presentation of fruit teas make them popular among social media enthusiasts. Their Instagrammable nature has contributed to their widespread adoption.

Adaptability and Innovation: Fruit tea vendors have constantly innovated their offerings, introducing new flavors, combinations, and presentation styles. This keeps the beverage fresh and exciting for consumers.

Broad Adaptability: Fruit teas can be enjoyed at various times of day and occasions, from breakfast and lunch to afternoon breaks and social gatherings. Their versatility makes them a convenient and refreshing beverage.

Accessibility and Affordability: Fruit teas are widely available throughout Singapore, from casual eateries to high-end cafes. They are generally affordable, making them accessible to a broad range of consumers.

Social and Cultural Context: Fruit teas have become a part of Singapore’s social and cultural landscape. They are often shared among friends and family, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Marketing and Promotion: Fruit tea brands have actively marketed their products, leveraging social media, influencer collaborations, and in-store promotions. These marketing efforts have contributed to their widespread popularity.

In summary, fruit teas have gained immense popularity in Singapore due to their versatility, health appeal, visual appeal, adaptability, accessibility, affordability, social significance, and successful marketing campaigns. They have become a beloved beverage that reflects the vibrant food culture and lifestyle of Singapore.