Himonoya – Japanese Seafood BBQ Restaurant in Singapore

Himonoya Japanese seafood BBQ restaurant in Singapore operates within Robertson Quay district, at 11 Unity Street.

The restaurant specialises in high quality Japanese himono (dried fish) dishes.

Himono is a dried fish that is found drying in the sun in fishing villages across Japan, where the drying process preserves fish for a longer shelf life, while also making the fish salty and chewy.

For their dishes, the restaurant imports the same himono as is used in restaurants in Japan.

Similarly, most of the restaurant’s sashimi, such as tuna and Hokkaido uni (sea urchin), is also imported directly from Japan to bring you very same quality as you’d expect when dining in the country of the recipes’ origin.

Himonoya Japanese Seafood BBQ Restaurant in Singapore - Robertson Quay.

The menu, which is available at the official website, in addition to himono dishes like the signature Himono Hokke BBQ, features a range of other Japanese culinary delicacies.

Furthermore, the outlet has a wide selection of Japanese sakes, being one of the few places in Singapore where you can enjoy rare Japanese sake brands at competitive price points.

With maximum seating for 60 people, and private rooms for up to 25 guests, the Japanese seafood restaurant has an atmosphere that is comfortable and the prices are friendly to the budget, making the place a great destination to enjoy genuine tastes of Japan.

Himonoya – Japanese Seafood BBQ Restaurants in Singapore
11 Unity Street, #02-14, Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 6pm-12midnight

To learn more about Himonoya Japanese seafood BBQ restaurant in Singapore, you can follow their Facebook page at facebook.com/singaporehimonoya/.

The Facebook channel is updated with information about the restaurant’s current promotions, new menu items, events, and much more.