Ho Fook Hei – Cantonese Restaurant in Singapore

Ho Fook Hei Cantonese restaurant in Singapore, a great place to enjoy Soy Sauce Chicken, operates within Suntec City (3 Temasek Boulevard).

A restaurant concept created by Joyden Concepts in 2018, the outlet offers Cantonese cuisine highlights, with an emphasis on chicken, a traditional Cantonese symbol of both prosperity & good fortune.

Ho Fook Hei - Soy Sauce Chicken in Singapore.

For the preparation of signature Cantonese Soy Sauce Chicken, the restaurant uses a time-honored heritage recipe that calls for a skillful poaching of farm-fresh chicken and an aromatic master stock that has been carefully aged and flavoured with a secret blend of superior soy sauce and more than a dozen fragrant Chinese herbs and spices.

Rose-Wine Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles - Ho Fook Hei.

Specialty Rose-Wine Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle.

The end result of this preparation process is succulent meat that is tender to the bone, as well as flavourful amber-coloured chicken skin and the alluring scent of Chinese rose-wine.

Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee - Ho Fook Hei.

Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee.

Other signature items on the Cantonese restaurant menu include, for example, Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, as well as Honey-Glazed Black Barbeque Pork Belly.

Ho Fook Hei Suntec City Mall – Cantonese Restaurant in Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-108A, Fountain Court, Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-3:30pm, 5pm-8:45pm

To learn more about Ho Fook Hei Cantonese restaurant in Singapore, you can follow their official social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/hofookhei.sg/.

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