Hock Gift Shop – Army Shop in Singapore

Hock Gift Shop, a popular army shop in Singapore, is located within Shun Li Industrial Park, at 61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1.

Founded in 1981, the company is today one of the established & trusted army and camping retailers in Singapore, well known for their extensive range of products & brands.

Visiting the store, you can purchase products in categories of Apparel (tops, bottoms, headwear, gloves, shoes, socks, eyewear, accessories, ladies, baby & kids), Bags (1L – 3L, 4L – 8L, 9L – 20L, 21L – 35L, 36L & above)…

Hock Gift Shop - Army Shop in Singapore.

…Gears (camping, paracord, carabiners, hydration, phone case, lighting, knives & multi-tools, range), as well as Patches (morale patches, word, military tabs, Singapore, overseas, patch book & panel, patch accessories).

As for brands, the brands carried by the store include 5.11 Tactical, Acebeam, Altai, Benchmade, Black Diamond, Boker, Buck Knives, Camelbak, Chums, Coghlan’s, Cold Steel, Coleman, Condor Outdoor, CRKT…

Army Shop in Singapore - Hock Gift Shop.

…Gerber, Goruck, Gregory, Hanz, Hazard 4, Helikon-Tex, Helinox, High Desert, Hultafors, Hydro Flask, ITW, Ka-Bar, Kershaw, Key-Bak, Keybar, Klarus, Kong, Leatherman, Loksak, Lumintop, Magnum, Magpul, Maxpedition, Mechanix, Mil-Spec, Monkey, Morakniv…

Hock Gift Shop in Singapore.

…Nalgene, Next Factor, Nitecore, Niteize, Nitestik, N-Rit, Olight, Opinel, Original S.O.E, Pelican, Petzl, Rhino Laces, Rite In The Rain, Rock Exotica, Rothco, Sawyer, Silva, Singing Rock, Smith & Wesson, SOG Knives, Solarforce, Spenco, Spyderco, Streamlight, Surefire, The North Face, Trangia, Tru-Spec, Vanquest, Victorinox, Wind Storm, Zero Tolerance, and Zippo.

The army supply & camping store also offers additional services, such as Embroidery (luggage tags, handphone straps, towels, name tags, call signs, keychains, bag tags), Engraving (metal luggage tags, Leatherman, military dog tags, name tags, Victorinox, card holders, cigarette boxes, pet tags, Zippo), and Embossing (military dog tags).

Hock Gift Shop – Army Shop in Singapore
61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, #02-19, Shun Li Industrial Park
Singapore 417943
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 12noon-4pm

To learn more about Hock Gift Shop – army shop in Singapore, you can visit their official Shopee store at shopee.sg/hockgiftshop/.

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at instagram.com/hockgiftshop/ and updated with details about promotions & discounted items, new products, and more.

Product Categories at the Hock Gift Shop – Army Shop in Singapore


Tops: polos, short sleeves, sleeveless, long sleeves, combat shirts, hoodies & jackets, ponchos.

Bottoms: tactical shorts, running shorts, tactical pants, track pants, trunks & tights.

Headwear: caps, hats, balaclava, head wraps & bandanas, multi wrap, watch caps & beanies, scarves & shemagh.

Gloves: half fingers, Nomex, hard knuckle, rope access, light duty, cold weather, waterproof, cut resistance.

Shoes: trainers, boots, water booties, insoles, boot laces.

Socks: military, hiking, waterproof, cold weather, running, light duty.

Eyewear: shooting, tankie goggles, sunglasses, retainers.

Accessories: belts, knee & elbow pads, coolets, key chains, paracord bracelets.

Ladies: ladies tops, ladies bottoms.

Baby & Kids: infant wear, kids caps, gloves & socks.


1L – 3L: travel knives & tools, first aid, phone & camera, EDC, bottle, organizers, shoulder strap, wallets & ID.

4L – 8L: Versipack, Gearslinger, messenger, DSLR camera, Rolly Polly, chest rig, Gregory Tailmate, waist pack.

9L – 20L: biking, school, messenger, dry tube, Handyman, tote & helmet, laptop, combo pack, satchel.

21L – 35L: daypack, range bag, duty bag, dry tanks, travel, 5.11 Rush 12, gym, Dragon Egg.

36L & above: hiking, 5.11 Rush 72, Alibaba & Duffle, kit bag, 3 Day Mission.

Gears – Hock Gift Shop – Army Shop in Singapore

Camping: hygiene & comfort, storage, tables & chairs, BMT, fire, safari beds, map reading, cooking, tents, sleeping bags, whistle.

Paracord: bracelet, mini spool, buckles & accessories, books, keychains.

Carabiners: Black Diamond, ITW, Kong, MSM, Niteize, Petzl, Rock Exotica, Singing Rock, others.

Hydration: water bottles, bladders, water bags, water dispensers, cooler boxes & jelly cans, accessories parts.

Phone Cases

Lighting: rechargeable, non-rechargeable, headlamps, lanterns, keychain lights, battery & charger, solar chargers, lighting accessories.

Knives & Multi-Tools: fixed, folders, tactical pens & EMT shears, multi-tools, Swiss army knives, axes, parang, sharpeners & accessories.

Range: range kits, firing eyewear, ear plugs, pistol cases, rifle & range bags.


Morale Patches: animal, mini, homemade, skull, Spartan, military, medical, others, zombie.

Word: blood type, alphabet, numeric, Chinese, English, unit tags.

Military Tabs: NATO phonetic alphabet, unit, martial arts, novelty, motto, rank.

Singapore: Singapore flag, SAF, RSN, RSAF, SCDF, SPF, NPCC, NCC.

Overseas: foreign flags, airborne wings, collectible pins, course patches.

Patch Book & Panel: patch book, patch panel, velcro.

Patch Accessories: magnet, combat cock, decal sticker, coaster & stencil.