Inahamani – Day Spas in Singapore

One of the good wellness day spas in Singapore, Inahamani, is located within The Cathay shopping mall, at 2 Handy Road.

The spa, founded by Mr Ananda Rajah in 2006 and also known as ‘Inner Harmony’, takes a comprehensive approach to well-being with a range of exclusive face, body, and wellness therapies.

As a sanctuary of wellness, the rejuvenating treatments combine modern cross-cultural techniques with Asian and European traditions that have been blended with principles of age-old Chinese philosophy & space-age technology.

Inahamani - Day Spas in Singapore - The Cathay.

The main categories of treatments are for massages, facials, slimming, and wellness.

Individual spa treatment highlights include, for example, IPL Skin Rejuvenation (uses the power of broadband light for anti-aging effects), Avatar Derma Trex (based on Russian space technology on skin rejuvenation)…

…Hot Stone Massage (involves the use of heated stones which are applied on the acupressure points on the back), as well as Radio Frequency (for slimming).

Inahamani The Cathay – Day Spas in Singapore
2 Handy Road, #03-08, The Cathay
Singapore 229233

As one of the popular day spas in Singapore, the outlet keeps in touch with their customer base via social media channels, including Facebook at

You can also follow their official Instagram account at for updates on promotional offers, events, new treatments, plus more.