inStic Academy – Science & Maths Tutoring in Singapore

inStic Academy, a good choice for science & maths tutoring in Singapore, is located within NEWest shopping mall (1 West Coast Drive).

The centre offers efficient group tuition for mathematics from Primary 3 to Secondary 4, as well as science from Primary 3 to Primary 6.

Curriculum for the tutoring program for both science & mathematics has been developed by ex-MOE teachers.

The curriculum expands on key concepts and uses interesting ideas to foster the students’ love of learning, which aids them in applying their knowledge and abilities in contexts beyond the classroom or in exams / PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) based situations.

inStic Academy - Science & Maths Tutoring in Singapore.

Team of tutors and those developing the teaching material for both mathematics and science consists of some of the industry’s best practitioners.

The background team includes, for example, trained NIE teachers, PSLE markers, ex-school HODs & level heads, school examiners, and question setters, ex-curriculum developers from some of the well-known tuition centres, pllus authors/editors of some of the bestselling assessment books.

To track the students’ learning advancement at the education centre, there are regular progress checks, cultivation of good learning habits, and communication with parents.

inStic Academy – Science & Maths Tutoring in Singapore
1 West Coast Drive, #01-94, NEWest Mall
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 2pm-7:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-1pm

As a popular choice for science & maths tutoring in Singapore, inStic Academy keeps in touch with their students & prospective students via several social media platforms, like Facebook at

The official website, on the other hand, is a great resource for reading testimonials, details on the tutoring programs, and much more.