JERNN – 2 Women’s Shoe Stores in Singapore

JERNN has two women’s shoe stores in Singapore to choose from, including one outlet within One Raffles Place (1 Raffles Place).

The footwear brand was born from a profound obsession with creating comfortable pairs of shoes and fueled by a passion for helping individuals find the perfect fit.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their in-house production, Southeast Asian tailored designs, and a continuous dedication to customer feedback.

JERNN Women's Shoe Store in Singapore.

Made Exceptionally In-House

At the heart of the brand’s philosophy are three guiding principles: comfort, durability, and design.

Unlike many brands that simply resell products from third-party markets, JERNN takes a hands-on approach.

From design conception to prototyping, testing, and production, every step is meticulously executed in-house.

This commitment ensures that customers receive a product of guaranteed quality, with unique and outstanding designs that set the brand apart in the world of footwear.

Tailored for the Southeast Asian Fit

JERNN acknowledges the importance of a perfect fit, especially for the Southeast Asian community.

Understanding the unique needs of this demographic, the company has mastered the art of shoe cutting with unparalleled precision.

The result is a collection of shoes designed to not only look good but also provide unparalleled comfort.

By catering to the local Asian market, JERNN ensures that their footwear is not just stylish, but also a perfect fit for the diverse feet of Southeast Asians.

As a service-oriented company, the company recognizes the individuality of its customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in their philosophy. Instead, they listen to their customers, understanding that preferences and requirements vary.

JERNN aspires to make each pair suitable and comfortable for anyone, staying ahead in the competitive market by adapting to the diverse needs of its clientele.

The Brand Story

The inception of JERNN is rooted in the belief that beautiful shoes can also be comfortable.

In response to decades of outdated methods and limited insights into the foot shapes and dimensions of their target customers, the brand embarked on a journey to redefine footwear.

Recent analysis revealed significant variations in foot widths among Asian women, particularly those living in tropical climates.

This revelation inspired the company to craft shoes using local cutting, ensuring optimal width without compromising on aesthetics.

Signature Weaves

One of JERNN’s standout features is their signature weaves. Starting with premium leather, predominantly lambskin, each strip is meticulously handwoven to create intricate designs.

Unlike machine-woven shoes, this manual process allows for a balanced tension, resulting in a strong, durable yet soft leather texture.

The outcome is footwear that not only accommodates wider feet but also provides a comfortable solution for individuals with bunions.

With styles ranging from signature weaves to lambskin pumps, flats, sneakers, low heels, and high heels, JERNN offers a diverse array of options that seamlessly blend style and comfort.

In conclusion, the shoe store stands as a testament to the marriage of obsession, passion, and craftsmanship.

JERNN Shoes Singapore.

By prioritizing in-house production, tailoring designs for the Southeast Asian fit, and actively listening to customer feedback, the brand not only creates footwear but fosters an experience that transcends the ordinary.

JERNN Locations & Opening Hours – Women’s Shoe Stores in Singapore

One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-33/34, One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm

Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road, #B1-14, Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

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