Ji Xiang Confectionery – Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore

Ji Xiang Confectionery, great place for buying Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore, has two outlets available, including one within Bugis Village (235 Victoria Street).

Established in 1988, the company specialises in handmade Ang Ku Kueh, creating these traditional Chinese (Fujian) snacks in the Nonya style of preparation.

Key difference between the original Fujian recipe and the modified Singaporean one is that of the much chewier red pastry skin which is primarily made out of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and food colouring.

Ji Xiang Confectionery Everton Park - Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore

Everton Park.

You can order your Ang Ku Kueh at the confectionery shop in a variety of flavours: peanut, sweet bean, salted bean, coconut, corn, yam, as well as durian (seasonal).

Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore - Ji Xiang Confectionery.

Ji Xiang Confectionery Locations & Opening Hours – Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore

Bugis Village
235 Victoria Street, Bugis Village
Singapore 188027
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Everton Park
Block 1, #01-33, Everton Park
Singapore 081001
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5pm

As a destination shop for Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore, Ji Xiang Confectionery communicates with their customers via social media, including Facebook at facebook.com/JiXiangConfectionery.AngKuKueh/.

You can also follow their official Instagram page at instagram.com/jixiangconfectionery/ for updates related to promotions, events, and more.