JoAh Korean Restaurant in Singapore

JoAh Korean Restaurant in Singapore is located within One Raffles Place shopping mall, at 1 Raffles Place.

Since its establishment in 2014, JoAh, which translates to ‘all good things’ in Korean, has been a beacon of traditional Korean culinary excellence.

Offering a diverse array of flavors, the restaurant has become a go-to destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Korean cuisine.

From the succulent Bossam to the hearty DakGalbi, and the aromatic JjaJangMyeon to the spicy JjamPong, their menu is a celebration of Korea’s rich culinary heritage.

JoAh Korean Restaurant in Singapore.

Weekday Lunch Specials

JoAh understands the importance of catering to the busy schedules of its patrons.

For those on a lunchtime clock, the weekday lunch specials at JoAh are priced as a delightful steal. These specials feature a rotating selection of dishes, each accompanied by a medley of side dishes and rice.

From the robust Kimchi Soup to the invigorating Ginseng Chicken Soup (half chicken), the options also include the flavorful Pork Rib Soup, the zesty Spicy Seafood Beancurd Soup, and the classic Jajangmyeon or Rice.

Ginseng Chicken Soup – A Culinary Gem

Among the stars of JoAh Korean Restaurant menu, the Ginseng Chicken Soup stands out as a culinary gem. This comfort food staple takes center stage, featuring a young chicken carefully selected for its tenderness.

Stuffed with sticky rice and jujube, the chicken is then lovingly simmered in a medicinal herb broth. This meticulous preparation results in a dish that not only warms the soul but is believed to offer a healing embrace with every spoonful.

The key to the Ginseng Chicken Soup’s unique flavor lies in the combination of fresh, high-quality ingredients and the time-honored cooking techniques employed by JoAh’s skilled chefs.

Also, the young chicken ensures a tender and succulent texture, while the sticky rice and jujube stuffing adds a delightful sweetness to the broth. The medicinal herb infusion not only imparts a distinctive aroma but also contributes to the reputed health benefits associated with ginseng.


JoAh Korean Restaurant, with its commitment to offering ‘all good things’ through traditional Korean flavors, provides a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary.

From the weekday lunch specials that cater to the fast-paced urban lifestyle to the standout Ginseng Chicken Soup that embodies the essence of Korean comfort food, JoAh invites patrons to experience the authenticity and richness of Korean cuisine.

Korean Restaurant Singapore.

As diners embark on this culinary adventure, they are sure to find themselves captivated by the diverse and delectable offerings that make the Korean restaurant a true haven for those seeking an authentic Korean experience.

JoAh Korean Restaurant in Singapore
1 Raffles Place, #03-21/22, One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm, Saturday 11:30am-3pm

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