Joji’s Diner – Retro American Diner in Singapore

Joji’s Diner, a stylish retro American diner in Singapore, is located within Serangoon district, at 534 Upper Serangoon Road.

Open to customers since June 2021, the retro diner, styled after 50s and 60s America, serves delicious American cuisine – burgers, hotdogs, fries, milkshakes, pancakes, and all-day breakfast.

Joji's Diner - Retro American Diner in Singapore.

Highlights on the menu include, for example, Chilli Dog (hand-made beef chilli on brioche bun), All-Star Plate (all-day breakfast meal with your choice of carbs), UFO Plate (2 beef patties, 2 pancakes, 2 sunny side up eggs)…

All-Day Breakfast in Singapore - All-Star Plate.

All-Star Plate.

Sweet Stack (three flapjack pancakes, berry compote, whipped cream), Goldilocks Milkshake (salted caramel flavour), Smash Burger (two smashed beef patties, American cheese, pickles, onion, mustard, aioli), as well as Mac N’ Cheese (macaroni with triple cheese).

American Restaurant in Singapore.

In terms of decor and ambience, the 40 seater restaurant features an exciting bright yellow and red colour scheme with classic diner seating, checkered black & white floor tiles, plus retro items imported from the US, including a jukebox and a gumball machine.

American Diner in Singapore - Joji's Diner.

Joji’s Diner – Retro American Diner in Singapore
534 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534549
Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday 10am-10pm

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