Joli Clothing Store in Singapore (CLOSED)

Multi-brand clothing store Joli is located at Capitol Piazza shopping centre in Singapore, at 13 Stamford Road. (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET IS CLOSED)

Joli, which is a French word that is used to compliment someone/something for being beautiful, pretty, or stylish, has collections of clothing to satisfy the needs of demanding fashionistas – both men and women.

Joli clothing shop Capitol Piazza Singapore.

The company handpicks the clothing brands they sell at the boutique from fashion hubs in places like Japan, France, Italy, UK, and Australia.

These brands include Orobianco, TATRAS, Bark, Johnstons of Elgin, Faliero Sarti, Borsalino, Cat Hammill, Island Slipper, as well as Minnetonka.

Joli Capitol Piazza (UPDATE 2020: THE STORE IS CLOSED)
13 Stamford Road, #01-16, NEUE, Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905

You can read more about the Joli boutique’s brands and what they have to offer at the shop’s official website.

The website, located at, also has their contact information (phone, email), in case you have further, unanswered questions.