&JOY Dining Hall – 3 Japanese Food Courts in Singapore

There are three &JOY Dining Hall Japanese food courts in Singapore to choose from, including one within Jurong Point (1 Jurong West Central 2).

The food courts, owned and managed by restaurant operator RE&S Group (established in 1988), offer a complete Japanese speciality cuisines gastronomic experience that is filled with fun & good food.

Japanese Food Court in Singapore - &JOY Dining Hall.

Across the Japanese food halls, there are eight different culinary concepts to choose from, such highlights as delicious & affordable sushi at Sushi-GO to unforgettable taste of rice and tender beef steak at ROMAN.TEI to tender roasted chashu ramen at RAMEN KIOU.

Of the concepts, Sushi-GO is a quick service that has a menu of more than 80 varieties of sushi and other Japanese food. After you order your food, it arrives on a mini Shinkansen (“Japanese Bullet Train”), in kaiten sushi / conveyor belt sushi style.

Pittarino - Japanese pizza in Singapore.

Pittarino, meanwhile, where the name comes from a Japanese phrase for “just right“, is casual dining restaurant that serves hand-stretched, freshly-baked Neapolitan pizzas and tasty Nama pasta with added Japanese flavours.

ROMAN.TEI Singapore.

Wagyu Yakiniku Jyu (slices of Wagyu steak and stewed beef served in special sauce and a golden ratio of premium Japanese rice).

Osaka-based ROMAN.TEI is a meat specialist, serving their signature tender & rich beef steak meals over rice.

RAMEN KIOU Singapore.

Also originating from Osaka, RAMEN KIOU, a popular Japanese ramen chain, specialises in robust choices of unique ramen (like Tomato Cheese Ramen), where the signature meals are best characterised by a tasty pork bone broth and house-made fragrant, tender roasted chashu.

Wadori Yakitori Singapore - &JOY Dining Hall.

Wadori Yakitori offers popular Japanese street food, charcoal-grilled Yakitori (Japanese skewers). At the stall, the outstanding yakitori is grilled over binchō-tan, which is a special white charcoal imported from Japan that is prized for its ability to seal in the natural flavours of the food.

Gokoku Japanese bakery Singapore.

Coronets (freshly baked horn-shaped pastries made with soft butter filled with delicious custard).

For something different in terms of Japanese food, you can visit Gokoku Shichifuku (meaning ‘5 grains 7 fortunes‘ in Japanese) Japanese bakery stall, where you can buy healthy buns made using quality Japanese ingredients and hearty grains.

Kuriya Japanese Market - Sushi in Singapore.

Finally, Kuriya Japanese Market has fresh fish and seafood that has been meticulously selected and air-flown directly from Japan. The stall allows you to enjoy creations made by the in-house sushi chef, prepared using hand-picked ingredients and original recipes.

&JOY Dining Hall - Japanese Food Court in Singapore - Jurong Point.

Jurong Point.

&JOY Dining Hall Locations & Opening Hours – Japanese Food Courts in Singapore

Great World
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-133, Great World
Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm
Stalls: Kuriya Japanese Market, Gokoku Japanese Bakery, Roman.Tei, Pittarino, RAMEN KIOU, Ichiban Express, &JOY Bar

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-49, JP1, Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm
Stalls: Sushi-GO, RAMEN KIOU, Wadori Yakitori, Gokoku Japanese Bakery, IDATEN Udon, Yakiniku-GO

NEX (&JOY Japanese Food Street)
23 Serangoon Central, #B1-78, NEX
Singapore 556083
Stalls: Ichiban Boshi, Idaten Udon, Kuriya Japanese Market, Yaki Yaki Bo, Yakiniku-GO, Shabu-GO, RAMEN KIOU, Gokoku Japanese Bakery

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