Just Betta – Aquarium Shop in Singapore

You can find Just Betta, a good aquarium shop in Singapore, from within East Village mall, at 430 Upper Changi Road.

In business since 2013, the company operates a one-stop betta (also known as Siamese Fighting Fish) store, specialising in premium livestock and innovative aquarium products.

The team behind the pet fish shop comprises of passionate breeders that also share an interest in photographing these magnificent fishes.

Just Betta Singapore.

For aquarium hobby items, the store carries accessories, fish food, medication, plants, tanks, aquascape, as well as products that are suitable as gifts.

In terms of livestock to enliven your aquarium hobby, the categories include bettas, snails, shrimps, as well as others, like Golden Algae Eaters, Cory Catfish, and Charcoal Red Eared Sliders.

Just Betta East Village Mall – Aquarium Shop in Singapore
430 Upper Changi Road, #01-92, East Village Mall
Singapore 487048
Opening Hours: Monday, Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 1pm-6pm

To learn more about Just Betta aquarium shop in Singapore, you can follow their official social media pages, including Facebook at facebook.com/JustBettaSG/.

There is also an official Instagram channel available at instagram.com/just_betta/ that is updated with details related to the betta fish in inventory, in-store events, and more.