K Voice Karaoke Singapore – Karaoke Center

You can find K Voice Karaoke Singapore center from within Our Tampines Hub, at 1 Tampines Walk.

The karaoke center has three types of rooms to choose from: small, medium and large rooms.

Of the rooms, the small rooms can accommodate a maximum of 3 guests, the medium rooms 6 guests, and the large rooms 10 guests.

Pricing for the rooms is tiered so that the smallest rooms are the cheapest and the bigger ones more expensive.

K Voice Karaoke Singapore - Our Tampines Hub.

You can save on venue rental rates by purchasing 3 hour packages, or by visiting the center during outside of the peak hours (cheaper daily rates apply from 12noon to 6pm, Monday through Friday).

Overall, you’ll find the karaoke center a great place to sing with sound systems of great quality and comfortable rooms.

K Voice Karaoke Singapore – Our Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk, #05-32, Our Tampines Hub
Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 12noon-12midnight, Friday-Saturday 12noon-1am, Sunday 12noon-12midnight

You can follow the karaoke center’s official Facebook brand page at facebook.com/kvoicesg/.

The company also has an official Instagram account at instagram.com/kvoicesg/.

Popularity of Karaoke in Singapore – K Voice Karaoke Singapore

Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment in Singapore and holds a significant place in the local social scene. Singing karaoke is a common activity for people of all ages, and it is often enjoyed in various settings, ranging from karaoke lounges and bars to private karaoke rooms. Here are some reasons why karaoke is popular in Singapore:

Social Activity: Karaoke is seen as a social activity that allows friends, family, and colleagues to come together and have a good time. It provides an opportunity for bonding and shared experiences.

Nightlife and Entertainment: Karaoke bars and lounges are popular choices for nightlife entertainment in Singapore. Many entertainment venues feature karaoke as part of their offerings, providing a lively atmosphere for patrons.

Celebrations and Events: Karaoke is often incorporated into celebrations, parties, and events. Whether it’s a birthday, a corporate gathering, or a festive occasion, karaoke adds an element of fun and entertainment.

Variety of Venues: Singapore has a diverse range of karaoke venues, from small and intimate karaoke bars to larger establishments with private rooms. The variety of options caters to different preferences and occasions.

Private Karaoke Rooms: Private karaoke rooms are popular in Singapore, allowing groups to have a more personalized experience. These rooms often come equipped with high-quality sound systems, comfortable seating, and a vast selection of songs.

Love for Music: Singaporeans generally have a deep appreciation for music, and karaoke provides a platform for individuals to express themselves through singing. The extensive song libraries typically include songs in various languages, catering to the multicultural population.

Competitive Spirit: Some people enjoy the competitive aspect of karaoke, especially in group settings where individuals take turns showcasing their singing talents. This adds an element of friendly competition to the experience.

Cultural Influence: Karaoke has its roots in Asian culture, and it has become an integral part of socializing in many Asian countries, including Singapore. The influence of Asian pop music and the popularity of singing competitions contribute to the widespread acceptance of karaoke.

Overall, the popularity of karaoke in Singapore can be attributed to its versatility as a social activity, its integration into nightlife and events, and the cultural appreciation for music and singing. It remains a go-to form of entertainment for many Singaporeans looking for a fun and enjoyable time with friends and loved ones.