Kafe Utu – African Restaurant & Cafe in Singapore

Kafe Utu African restaurant & cafe in Singapore is located within Chinatown neighbourhood, at 12 Jiak Chuan Road.

Founded by Kurt Wagner and open to customers since January 2019, the cafe & lounge, where “utu” translates from Kiswahili as “humanity“, is a uniquely African experience, celebrating the diverse flavours and dishes from the vast and culinary exciting continent.

Serving breakfast, brunch and a diverse offering of African cuisine all day, the African dishes originate from Liberia to Kenya and Morocco to Lagos, representing regional tastes of Monrovia, Marrakech, Lamu, Malindi, Bhanga, and beyond.

Kafe Utu African Restaurant in Singapore.

Signature dishes on the food menu include, for example, Swahili Fish Curry (red snapper, tamarind, coconut milk, house curry paste & habanero, served with kachumbari & coconut rice)…

Liberian Peanut Chicken Stew - African Restaurant in Singapore.

Liberian Peanut Chicken Stew.

Liberian Peanut Chicken Stew (sakura chicken thigh, natural peanut butter, smoked fish & habanero, served with jasmine white rice), as well as Nigerian Fiery Peppered Pork Stew (black angus pork belly, charred peppers, habanero, smoked fish, served with coconut rice and mango salsa).

African Cafe in Singapore - Kafe Utu.

The outlet has a total of three floors, African in every detail, to explore.

On the ground floor you’ll discover a coffee spot, a quintessentially Singaporean shophouse that has been decorated with a 8 meter banquette seat, cut from a single ancient African mahogamy tree grown in Singapore.

African Restaurant in Singapore - Kafe Utu.

The second floor, with a large sofa seating area and wonderful banquet table, is perfect for larger gatherings and fitted with hand-carved (by a master craftsman from Malindi) wooden doors and mirrors in motifs that reflect Zanzibari traditions.

African Bar in Singapore - Kafe Utu.

The third floor houses the restaurant‘s private dining space featuring fantastic artwork by Janet Taylor Pickett. There is also a bar & terrace area, great for a late night drink or snack.

Kafe Utu – African Restaurant & Cafe in Singapore
12 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089265
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-4:30pm, 6pm-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4:30pm, 6pm-11pm

To learn more about Kafe Utu African restaurant & cafe in Singapore, you can follow their official social media channels, like Facebook at facebook.com/kafeutu/.

There is also an official Instagram page available at instagram.com/kafeutu/ that is updated with details about the menu items, promotions, and more.