Kagurazaka Saryo – Japanese Dessert Shop in Singapore

Kagurazaka Saryo Japanese dessert shop in Singapore is located within VivoCity shopping centre (1 HarbourFront Walk).

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, and managed in Singapore by Japan Foods Holding Ltd, the outlet is a popular Japanese traditional dessert store.

The company originated as an old and cozy coffee shop in the small back street of Kagurazaka, called “Little Kyoto” in Japan, a fashionable shopping and dining district in Tokyo near Iidabashi Station.

Kagurazaka Saryo - Japanese Dessert Shop in Singapore - VivoCity.

Chef who founded the chain, has from the start aimed to create delightful Japanese cuisine focusing on “umami taste” and a variety of desserts with seasonal ingredients combined with selected Matcha Tea.

Many of their premium ingredients, including Matcha and Hojicha, are from Uji, Kyoto, a well-established tea wholesaler.

Matcha Desserts in Singapore - Kagurazaka Saryo.

Uji Matcha is considered by many to be the finest of all the green tea that is produced in Japan. Uji, which is located between two ancient Japanese capitals, Kyoto and Nara, is famous for the quality of the soil and surroundings needed for one of Japan’s most high profile exports, matcha.

The region has many things that contribute to excellent matcha, including hilly terrain, high quality soil, mild temperatures, and prevalent mist.

Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert).

In Singapore, the outlet serves a variety of authentic Uji Matcha desserts, premium Cha-nabe (Japanese one-pot dish), and healthy treats & beverages.

Menu highlights include, for example, Pork Shabu Tom Yam Cha-nabe, Aburi Chicken Tom Yam Cha-nabe, and Signature Parfait with Soft Serve for dessert.

Fruit Tart in Singapore.

At the outlet, you can also purchase Fruit Paradise’s Japanese Fresh Fruit Tarts which are prepared fresh daily by Japanese pastry chefs.

Kagurazaka Saryo – Japanese Dessert Shop in Singapore
1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-59, VivoCity
Singapore 098585

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