Kanji Physical Japan – Physical Therapy Centre in Singapore

Kanji Physical Japan, a good physical therapy centre in Singapore, operates within Kampong Glam neighbourhood’s City Gate mall, at 371 Beach Road.

A Singapore branch of Japanese Sports Physical Co. chain, the centre is a treatment clinic that searches for the cause of bodily disorders and uses procedures to remove the tension of the muscles and joints, returning them to their normal positions.

The centre is visited by patients – ranging from the elderly to elementary school students, and Olympic athletes to various professional athletes – who seek relief to symptoms such as joint pains, dislocations, muscle tension, and numbness.

Kanji Physical Japan - Physical Therapy Centre in Singapore - City Gate.

For people experiencing a sprain, a strained back, a jammed finger, a trigger finger, etc., the physiotherapist clinic recommends an early consultation and potentially an early treatment that can speed up the improvement.

In terms of sports injuries, many of which are caused by overuse of the body, resulting in muscle pain, tension, and bone misalignment, early treatment may be helpful in rapid recovery.

Kanji Physical Japan – Physical Therapy Centre in Singapore
371 Beach Road, #02-15, City Gate
Singapore 199597
Opening Hours (Reception): Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm (by appointment only)
Opening Hours (Consultations): Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm

To learn more about Kanji Physical Japan – physical therapy centre in Singapore, you can follow their official social media pages, such as Facebook at facebook.com/hiramatsusiki.procedure/.

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll stay up to date on the clinic’s services, changes to the opening hours, promotional offers, and more.