Kazokutei – Japanese Restaurant in Singapore

Kazokutei Japanese restaurant in Singapore operates within Bugis Junction shopping centre, at 200 Victoria Street.

Established in 1947 in Osaka, Japan, the restaurant is today one of the most recognised udon speciality brands in Japan.

The restaurant creates delicious and high quality meals of handmade udon, utilizing healthy cooking methods that bring out the best, natural flavours of the noodles.

Kazokutei - Japanese Udon in Singapore - Bugis Junction.

At the Japanese restaurant, the menu features udon from both eastern and western parts of Japan, with two different types of soup bases.

Kazokutei Udon meal Singapore.

Kokudashi Udon is from eastern Japan where katsuo bushi (dried bonito) is typically used to make a stronger flavoured soup. Shira Dashi Udon, meanwhile, comes from western Japan where konbu (sea tangle) is generally used to make a sweeter taste soup.

Kazokutei Bugis Junction – Udon in Singapore
200 Victoria Street, #02-49, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm

To learn more about Kazokutei Japanese restaurant in Singapore, you can follow the outlet’s official social media channels, such as Facebook at facebook.com/kazokuteisingapore/.

The restaurant updates the Facebook page with, for example, their latest menus and other information related to the outlet.