Kedai Kopi – Food Court in Singapore

Kedai Kopi food court in Singapore is located within Clementi district, at 380 Clementi Avenue 5.

Created by tenderfresh Group and Kimly Coffeeshop and open to customers since December 2020, the 5,000 sq ft food hall (with up to 204 seatings) offers diverse dining options with 9 exciting stalls to choose from.

The stalls feature outlets from Tenderbest, 380 Nasi Lemak, Hawkerman Street Kitchen, Mee Bagus, Mr Teh Tarik, Joy Satay, Banana Grill, Kedai Kopi, and Istimewa Nasi Padang.

Kedai Kopi - Food Court in Singapore.

Of these, for example, Hawkerman Street Kitchen serves popular fusion hawker fare, including legendary Hokkien Mee, while 380 Nasi Lemak (from the team behind Nasi Coco) has an affordably priced Nasi Lemak menu.

Mee Bagus - Volcano Ayam Noodle.

Volcano Ayam Noodle (ramen-styled mee kia with special volcano sambal & spicy dried shrimp floss, served with chicken slice, abalone squid, home-made ayam meatballs, fishball, assorted mushrooms & soy lava egg).

For fried & roasted spring chicken and delectable western fares, you can visit the Tenderbest stall, or Mee Bagus for classic noodle dishes such as Mi Ayam, Mi Sup Berbola Ikan, and Volcano Ayam Noodle.

Banana Grill - Kedai Kopi Food Court in Singapore.

Banana Leaf Seafood Fried Rice.

There’s also Banana Grill, specialising in BBQ seafood like Sambal Stingray with Tze char dishes (including Curry Fish Head) also available, as well as Mr Teh Tarik stall, where the highlights cover delights from Roti Prata to Nasi Briyani & Murtabak.

Istimewa Nasi Padang at the food court is a top Malaysian food brand, featuring authentic home style cooking, whereas Joy Satay serves satays that are smoke-kissed with charred edges, with crowd-pleasing peanut sauce for dips.

Bandung Grenade Yakult Drink.

Bandung Grenade Yakult Drink.

To complement your meals, Kedai Kopi Drink Stall has Singaporean favourite Teh Tarik and Kopi Kao, plus a range of exciting novel choices such as the Bandung Grenade Yakult Drink.

Kedai Kopi – Food Court in Singapore
380 Clementi Avenue 5
Singapore 120380
Opening Hours (Tenderbest): Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Opening Hours (380 Nasi Lemak): Monday-Sunday 7am-9pm
Opening Hours (Hawkerman Street Kitchen): Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm
Opening Hours (Mee Bagus): Monday-Sunday 7am-9pm
Opening Hours (Mr Teh Tarik): Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm
Opening Hours (Joy Satay): Tuesday-Sunday 3pm-11pm
Opening Hours (Banana Grill): Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Opening Hours (Kedai Kopi): Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm
Opening Hours (Istimewa Nasi Padang): Monday, Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 7am- 8pm, Sunday 7am-6pm

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