KTMA Taekwondo Academy – Martial Arts Classes in Singapore

KTMA Taekwondo Academy, a good choice for martial arts classes in Singapore, has two branches available, one within Novena (171A/B Thomson Road).

The martial arts centre, established in 2015, is one of Singapore’s leading Taekwondo academies when it comes to offering classes for young children.

KTMA, which is short for ‘Korean Taekwondo Martial Art‘, has a curriculum for the classes that has been formed in co-operation with experts around the world, and constantly revised to keep up with the times.

KTMA Taekwondo Academy Singapore.

The quality of the coaching staff comes from the school employing staff that has a heart & passion for teaching first and foremost, before looking into their background and qualifications.

Choosing the martial arts school, the main range of classes are for Tiny Tots / Juniors / Kids, where the initial focus is on learning the fundamentals of taekwondo and developing core strength and flexibility, then advancing towards more specific skills.

The assessment of students is done Singapore Taekwondo Federation’s grading system for beginners who are 12 years old and below: Foundation 1, Foundation 2, and Foundation 3.

Other types of available classes are Sparring Class (suitable for all ages, with a focus on self-defence training while promoting your agility and stamina)…

KTMA Taekwondo Academy - Martial Arts Classes in Singapore.

…Pattern / Sparring Competition (opportunities for students to compete locally and globally), Black Belt Class, as well as Self-Defence/ Anti-Bullying (Holiday Program – self-defence skills that are applicable in real-life).

KTMA Taekwondo Academy – Martial Arts Classes in Singapore

171A/B Thomson Road
Singapore 307622
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

West Coast
1 West Coast Drive, #01-08/09, NEWest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

To learn more about KTMA Taekwondo Academy and their martial arts classes in Singapore, you can follow the school’s official Facebook page at facebook.com/KTMASG/.

There is also an official Instagram channel available at instagram.com/ktmasg/ that is updated with details about the classes, taekwondo events, and much more.