Kuno Method – Enrichment Centre in Singapore

You can discover Kuno Method enrichment centre in Singapore from within Buangkok Square Mall, at 991 Buangkok Link.

Established Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno, a recognised expert in early childhood education, in 1986 in Japan, the centre offers preschoolers a holistic, comprehensive, and structured learning system.

The top experiential and interactive brain enrichment system from Japan for 3-6 year old students (N1 to K2) not only helps them excel in Primary school, but also cultivates skills that help in learning STEM topics and succeed in the digital economy.

Kuno Method - Enrichment Centre in Singapore - Buangkok Square Mall.

With the interactive and fun approach of the KUNO methodology, the enrichment centre builds a strong foundation and equips preschool children with logical thinking, spatial abilities, executive functions (like planning and organisation), interpersonal skills, and thinking skills.

Overall, the education centre‘s learning approach relies on 3-stages: 1) Learn Concept, 2) Practice Concept, and 3) Apply Concept.

Kuno also has P1 Prep Courses for maths that runs over 20 lessons & 6-months and is aligned with the latest MOE Math curriculum, as well as Primary School Math Excellence tuition – P1 & P2 maths for higher-ability students in a course that ​goes beyond MOE Primary Mathematics Syllabus to stretch your child’s potential.

Kuno Method – Enrichment Centre in Singapore
991 Buangkok Link, #03-03/04, Buangkok Square Mall
Singapore 530991
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Friday 9:45am-6:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:45am-6:30pm

You can learn about the details of Kuno Method enrichment centre in Singapore from the company’s official website.

The website also features success stories from parents, details on the method and the courses, plus much more.