La Dame de Pic – French Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore

La Dame de Pic, a great French fine dining restaurant in Singapore, operates within Raffles Singapore (1 Beach Road).

Located in the dining room of the hotel, inside the main building, the contemporary restaurant, a concept created by Three-Michelin-Starred French Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, offers exquisite French cuisine & Valentinois dishes and diverse pairing options that includes wines, champagnes & more.

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, similarly to Raffles Singapore (opened in 1887), has an illustrious heritage that goes back three generations in Valence, south-east France – from the establishment of L’Auberge du Pin in 1889 by her great grandmother to the family’s restaurant gaining three Michelin stars in 1934, under her grandfather André.

French Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore - La Dame de Pic Raffles Singapore.

Now a third-generation Michelin starred chef, Anne-Sophie Pic’s culinary identity is best reflected on her strive for excellence and search for aromatic complexity, combinations of flavours (especially in her work with sauces), as well as powerful tastes that aim to evoke emotions.

One of the ambitions for the French fine dining restaurant in Singapore is to constantly offer unique experiences for their guests, by demonstrating innovation and by associating the best culinary traditions with the latest techniques – anchoring the dishes in the present without never forgetting their roots, yet utilizing creativity and imagination.

Visiting the place, you can expect to elevated, refined dishes from a seasonally changing menu that reflects Pic family’s French origins, her travels around the world, and signature Valentinois dishes – such as the Signature Les Berlingots, iconic pasta parcels named after pyramid-shaped French candies – with interesting adaptions for the local palate.

Signature Les Berlingots - La Dame de Pic.

Signature Les Berlingots.

Singaporean version of the Signature Les Berlingots offers a molten French fondue centre paired with almonds and sunflower seeds and a pea broth infused with herb of grace.

Other examples from past and present La Dame de Pic dinner menus include, for example, White Mille-feuille (rose light cream, hibiscus jelly, Tasmanian pepper emulsion), Brown Crab from Brittany (seasoned with sobacha – basil, sorrel, and coffee ice cream, crustacean brioche), and Milk-Fed Lamb from Pyrenees (marinated with shiso, lapsang souchong and honey – leeks in different textures and green curry, lamb consomme).

French Food in Singapore.

Pineapple and Chamomile.

The beverage menu, meanwhile, is constructed to perfectly complement the dining experience with an elaborate and diverse collection of pairings, adding both intensity and harmony from wines, cocktails, whiskies, sakes, teas, plus coffees.

In particular, the wine list has a thoughtfully curated selection that leans towards the French regions, with a particular emphasis on Anne-Sophie Pic’s birthplace, the Rhône Valley.

La Dame de Pic Singapore.

To learn more about the beverage pairing options, there is an in-house sommelier on the dining room floor to offer recommendations catered to your personal preferences.

Atmosphere at the contemporary 36-seat French restaurant, build upon the essence of timeless elegance and unique personality, includes magnificently conceived soft palettes and materials, especially pastel shades & rich plums matched with grey clay tones and metallic accents, plus natural decorative elements such as leather or wood.

La Dame de Pic - French Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore.

Main decorative centrepiece is, however, a gold chandelier composed of tiers of discs with laser-cut spades, a play on ‘La Dame de Pic‘ which translates from French to ‘Queen of Spades‘.

La Dame de Pic Raffles Singapore – French Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore
1 Beach Road, Grand Lobby, Raffles Singapore
Singapore 189673
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm, Friday-Saturday 12noon-1:30pm, 6:30pm-8:30pm

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There is also an official Instagram page at that is updated with details about the menu items, events at the restaurant, and more.