L’Atelier Tiramisu – Tiramisu Cake Shop in Singapore

L’Atelier Tiramisu, a good tiramisu cake shop & cafe in Singapore, is located within Clarke Quay Central, at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

As the company’s name suggests, the shop specialises in delicious Italian tiramisu cakes.

Tiramisu, where the name comes from Italian words “Tirami” and “Su“, meaning “make me happy“, is a dessert cake that is sure to perk up even the most weary souls of this world.

L'Atelier Tiramisu Clarke Quay Central - Tiramisu Cake Shop in Singapore.

L’Atelier Tiramisu focuses on offering different, exquisite flavours, infusing them with the classic taste of a Tiramisu cake.

The range of cake flavours you can taste at the cafe include Classico, Lychee, Matcha, Dark Cherry, Brulee, Pistachio, as well as Lavender & Earl Grey.

Each of these varieties for a good tiramisu in Singapore has a unique, distinguished flavour, yet holds all of the typical characteristics of an Italian-style cake.

The Classico Tiramisu cake features both the sweetness and the bitterness of chocolate and coffee, having a smooth & creamy cheese layer that is coupled with an aromatic coffee-soaked biscuit layer.

L'Atelier Tiramisu cakes Singapore.

Lychee Tiramisu is a tropical version of the classic cake, offering the richness and sweetness of the exotic fruit with lightly-sprinkled cinnamon that compliments and completes the flavour.

Matcha Tiramisu, meanwhile, combines the best of the east and the west, having biscuits soaked in a brew of Japanese green tea for a lighter, refreshing finish, while retaining the essence of a Tiramisu.

Although the Dark Cherry Tiramisu looks similar to the Classico, it has a combination of orange liqueur and cherry bits that make it distinctive, highlighting slight bitterness and sweetness from the cherries throughout the cake.

L'Atelier Tiramisu's Brulee Tiramisu cake Singapore.

Brulee (salted caramel) Tiramisu has an added layer of sugar, caramelised with a flame torch just before serving, thus resulting in a crispy, burnt layer that adds a whole new dimension to the smooth and creamy texture of the coffee-based Tiramisu.

Pistachio Tiramisu, on the other hand, is prepared with a generous sprinkling of freshly crushed pistachio nuts on the top layer, which, combined with the cherry-flavored liqueur and the bitterness of coffee enhance the unique taste of pistachios.

L'Atelier Tiramisu's pistachio tiramisu cake Singapore.

Finally, you can try the Lavender & Earl Grey Tiramisu, which has citrus nuances of Earl Grey Tea complementing the floral nodes of Lavender for a whole new Tiramisu taste experience.

To go with your cake delicacy, the shop serves a selection of gourmet coffee sourced from Common Man and tea from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

L’Atelier Tiramisu Clarke Quay Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-09, Clarke Quay Central
Singapore 059817
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

To learn more about L’Atelier Tiramisu, you can follow the outlet’s social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/LAtelierTiramisu/.

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