Legacy Dance Co. – Dance Studio in Singapore

Legacy Dance Co. dance studio in Singapore offers dance programmes, courses & lessons at Marine Square shopping centre (6 Raffles Boulevard).

Legacy is a place where you can begin or continue to pursue your dance dreams, with classes available from absolute beginners to experienced dancers.

There are three main alternative ways to take dance lessons at the studio: The Legacy Experience (TLE), open classes, and short term courses.

The Legacy Experience (TLE) – Dance School in Singapore

The Legacy Experience (TLE) is a 3 year programme, where the minimum commitment is 4 months (one term), offering training across various street and urban dance styles.

Legacy Dance Co. Dance Studio in Singapore.

Overall, it is a premier urban dance programme for youth & adults who are looking to kick start or restart their dance journey.

Each term consists of weekly training with a dedicated TLE class instructor and bi-weekly project trainings.

TLE has a progressive training syllabus (of at least 4 months long) through structured weekly classes, plus you’ll be learning and rehearsing for exciting term based dance projects.

The doors to the TLE programme open 3 times a year, with registration opening announced at both their official website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram).

The programme has A classes (for beginners / new dancers) and B classes (for students who have dance experience), with the allocations based on tryouts, which are similar to auditions, but for TLE tryouts, everyone will get through.

Anyone can come down for a short tryout, which are free (you only pay if you decide to sign up). At the tryouts, there is a dance session plus briefing regarding TLE, the programme structure, prices, and upcoming projects.

The Legacy Experience.

A round of introductions at the tryout is followed by a short and simple choreography that you have to learn and then perform. During the procedure, the instructors observe tryout attendees and allocate them into the respective classes, A or B, based on their shown dance ability at the tryout.

In addition, there is a short Q and A after the whole session, where you can get your questions answered regarding the programme.

If you can’t attend a TLE tryout in person, you have an option of submitting a 1-min video of yourself dancing for the instructors, which allows them to gauge if you should join class A or class B. However, if you still want to join without submitting the video, you will be automatically allocated to class A.

Legacy Dance Co.

Over the programme’s three year length, each term takes four months.

Enrollment for the programme takes place three times a year – Jan – Apr, Jun – Sep, as well as Oct – Dec, with application periods being months before the enrollment.

At the end of each term, an assessment is made to evaluate your progress and for feedback on the progression.

Your eligibility for class promotion is based on completion of number of terms required for each class level and assessment results of each term.

The dance lessons & programme fees are priced monthly, with students & NSF receiving discounted prices.

The fees cover the cost of weekly classes for curriculum (12 sessions) + dance project (up to 15 hours) and term assessment (1 per term).

The price does not include costumes needed for performances or re-assessment fees.

Open Classes – Legacy Dance Co. Dance Studio in Singapore

As an alternative to The Legacy Experience that requires less commitment, you can participate in Legacy’s open classes, which run Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week.

Open classes are dance classes Singapore for a wide variety of genres, including Urban, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Girls Style, and Lyrical.

Open dance classes in Singapore.

Each genre dance class is uniquely styled by the instructor, so it pays to come down and give the classes a try to see whose style you would like emulate and to learn from.

You can purchase entrance to the open classes over the counter, with a recommendation for you to come down at least 15 minutes before the class commences. You can also make these purchases using Legacy Dance Co.’s MINDBODY app.

Short Term Courses – Dance Classes in Singapore

Short term courses offered by the dance school are a great way to get a kickstart learning how to dance in Singapore.

The main short term course is called Urban Dance Foundation, a short 8-week course that acts as an introduction to newer dancers to the basics of urban dance.

Urban Dance Foundation.

Urban Dance Foundation develops body awareness through body conditioning, groove, and isolation techniques, assisting you in becoming a more versatile dancer.

Throughout the year, Legacy Dance Co. also offers genre courses and monthly courses, focusing on specific genres or dance techniques. These are typically announced via the dance studio‘s website & social media.

Legacy Dance Co. Dance Studio in Singapore – Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-03, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 10:30am-10:30pm

The official Facebook page for Legacy Dance Co. dance studio in Singapore is located at facebook.com/legacydco/.

Overall, the Facebook channel is one of the best ways to learn, for example, about the dance studio’s events, like tryouts, performances, dance challenges & conventions, and more.