Library@Chinatown – Public Library in Singapore

Library@Chinatown, a popular public library in Singapore, is located within Chinatown Point shopping centre (133 New Bridge Road).

Open to visitors since January 2013, the library, which covers an area of 1,000 square metres, is themed with Chinese arts and culture.

Facilities at the library include seating for max 146 visitors, newspaper reading area (print and e-newspapers), bookdrop (10am-10pm), Cybrarian kiosk, Programme Zone, as well as Programme and Engagement Area – Candy Culture by Rediffusion.

The library carries a thematic collection of books and audio-visual materials (around 44,000 titles in total) on calligraphy, literature, music, painting, traditions, customs and more.

Public Library in Singapore - Library@Chinatown.

Key categories in the collection include Arts, Architecture, Philosophy, Language, Cookery, Health and Fitness, Sports and Recreation, Literature, Folklores, Customs, History and Travel.

65% of the collection is in Chinese, 30% in English, and the remaining in Malay and Tamil. About 15% of the collection is catered to children.

Visiting the place, you can also discover a small selection of materials in commonly spoken Chinese dialects such as Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese.

Another highlight as a visitor is the ability to read local and foreign electronic newspapers on large digital screens in the library.

Library@Chinatown - Public Library in Singapore - Seating Area.

Seating Area.

Throughout the year, there are about 90 exciting cultural, heritage and literary public programmes (performances and activities, talks and workshops, exhibitions and displays), each aligned with the theme of the library to cultivate greater understanding of Chinese culture, and develop an appreciation for Singapore’s multi-cultural society.

Some examples of past programmes include workshops and talks on Couplet Writing, ‘Lantern Riddles’, the Evolution of Chinese Characters, Chinese Painting, Weiqi, Opera Performance, and History of Local Straits Chinese.

Finally, a unique feature for the library is also that it has a visitor self-service model run by volunteers, where there is no customer service counter – volunteers move around the library wearing a special library@chinatown volunteer T-shirt for easy identification.

If you have a question regarding the services and features of the library, you can use the Cybrarian Kiosk to speak to a library staff at a remote site.

Library@Chinatown – Public Library in Singapore
133 New Bridge Road, #04-12, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

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