Lim Design & Print Shop in Singapore

Lim Design & Print shop in Singapore is located within Far East Plaza shopping centre, at 14 Scotts Road.

The design and print store has a team that can carry out the designing, printing and product finishing of your projects.

Visiting the design & print shop, you can use the company for projects including, for example, brochures, flag lines, cards, flyers, coupons, logo designs, button badges, tickets, packaging, invoices…

…business cards, letterheads & envelopes, t-shirt, complimentary slips, brochures / catalogues, menus, invitation cards, wedding cards, banners, posters, vouchers, member cards, labels / stickers, price tags / hang tags, postcards, and canvases.

LIM Design & Print Singapore.

Lim Design & Print Shop in Singapore – Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #02-50A, Far East Plaza
Singapore 228230
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday By Appointment Only

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Overview of Services at Lim Design & Print

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective communication is essential for success. Print shops like Lim Design & Print play a vital role in helping businesses and individuals communicate their messages effectively through a variety of printed materials.

Brochure Printing

Brochures are versatile marketing tools that can be used to promote products, services, or events. They are typically printed on high-quality paper and feature eye-catching visuals and engaging content.

Flag Line Printing

Flag lines are long, narrow banners that are often used to create a visual impact at events or in retail settings. They can be printed on a variety of materials, including vinyl, mesh, and fabric.

Card Printing

Business cards are essential for networking and establishing professional connections. They should be designed to be visually appealing and easy to read, and they should include your contact information, website, and social media links.

Flyer Printing

Flyers are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience with your message. They are typically printed on lightweight paper and can be distributed in a variety of ways, including through direct mail, on bulletin boards, and in public places.

Coupon Printing

Coupons are a great way to encourage customers to purchase your products or services. They can be printed on a variety of materials, including paper and plastic.

Logo Design

A strong logo is an essential part of any brand identity. It should be memorable, visually appealing, and reflect the company’s values.

Button Badge Printing

Button badges are a fun and affordable way to promote your brand or message. They can be worn on clothing, bags, and hats.

Ticket Printing

Tickets are used to admit people to events, such as concerts, plays, and sporting events. They should be printed on durable paper and include all relevant information about the event, such as the date, time, and location.

Packaging Printing

Packaging is an important part of the customer experience. It should be eye-catching, functional, and environmentally friendly.

Invoice Printing

Invoices are used to bill customers for goods or services. They should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Other Printing Services

Lim Design & Print also offer a variety of other printing services, such as postcards, posters, booklets, and letterheads.

Benefits of Using a Print Shop like Lim Design & Print

There are many benefits to using Lim print shop, including:

  • Expertise: The shop has expertise to create high-quality printed materials that meet your specific needs.

  • Technology: Lim print shop has access to the latest printing technology, which allows them to create high-quality printed materials at a competitive price.

  • Convenience: The company can handle all aspects of the printing process, from design and layout to printing and delivery.

  • Peace of mind: You can be confident that your printed materials will be of the highest quality and will meet your expectations.


Lim print shop is an essential resource for businesses and individuals of all sizes.

They can help you create high-quality printed materials that will effectively communicate your message and reach your target audience. By choosing a reliable print shop like Lim Design & Print, you can ensure that your marketing and communication materials are top-notch.