Lolita’s Lash – NovaLash Singapore Salon (CLOSED)

Lolita’s Lash, a NovaLash Singapore salon, operates centrally within Singapore River district, at 52 Boat Quay. (UPDATE 2022: THE SALON HAS CLOSED)

The lash & beauty studio offers stunning eyelash extension to their customers without harmful ingredients using NovaLash USA products.

Experienced team at the salon has been trained to provide the best end results by NovaLash Certified Trainers, using the single-strand application technique created by NovaLash USA.

Using NovaLash products, the beauty studio’s certified NovaLash Eyelash Extensionists will provide lash extensions that truly provide frames to the windows of your soul, ensuring that each strand adds to the thickness and length of of your eyelashes.

NovaLash Singapore.

USA NovaLash synthetic lashes are very lightweight and feel just like natural lashes, eliminating the risk of real lashes falling off prematurely. Each strand is applied one eyelash at a time with an adhesive not touching the skin, ensuring that natural lashes continue to grow well.

Lash Extensions in Singapore - NovaLash Singapore Salon - Lolita's Lash.

Depending on what you desire for the eyelash thickness, the lash studio offers Sampler, Beautiful, and Curly options, each giving you an alluring air of seductive confidence.

The Sampler option volumises sparse lashes a bit, while the Beautiful set flares stubborn straight lashes closer to the roots, and the Curly option accentuates and brightens all eye shapes to the max.

If you’re unsure about the desired end result, the salon’s experts can give recommendations based on your lifestyle, to match designer lashes to your eyeshape, lash condition, and lash cycle.

Beyond the lash extension services, you can also participate on different types of training courses on the subject provided by the company, such as NovaLash Advance Volume Certification Training, NovaLash Basic Classic Certification Training, and NovaLash Basic Classic Conversion Certification Training.

Lolita’s Lash Boat Quay – NovaLash Singapore Salon (UPDATE 2022: THE SALON HAS CLOSED)
52 Boat Quay, #02-01
Singapore 049841

Best way to keeping up to date on the NovaLash Singapore salon’s opening hours, events, and more, is the official Facebook page.

Lolita’s Lash also updates the Facebook page with great information about the available services and eyelash training courses, with promotional offers.